Décor Like No Other

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Everyone’s always looking for a new way to stand out. This comes in many incarnations, from a new haircut to some merch you picked up at a concert for your bedroom. To constantly seek the newest ways to creatively express yourself—give yourself your own look, your own “aesthetic”—is what it means to be human. There are so many of us out there that it’s easy to become “blended in with the crowd”. Because of that, we strive to be different, and being different (or not so different) is great.


Have you ever considered a “vintage” approach to expression? Vintage is a term commonly used for something that’s old yet fashionable. After all, something doesn’t need to be new to be impressive. The current trends and fads have their niche for the time that they’re popular. However, items that are vintage remain popular for a reason. They’ve managed to stand the test of time for decades, even centuries, and still stand as a highly sought after item.

Natural Attraction


That’s the attraction behind an Traditional Handmade rug. Both brands, Oriental and Persian, have an abundance of styles under their belt that can meld into any setting. When we say style, we don’t simply mean “various forms of presentation”. Each style belonging to the Oriental and Persian rug brands have their own stories, their own history behind why they were crafted in such a way. For the Tabriz, it’s existed as a major staple in the Persian carpet market. For the Heriz, they’ve always been designed as antiques, an absolute embodiment of the word vintage. For the Oushak, its origins date deep into the 15th century and have remained incredibly popular since.


Each of these rugs and any other among the Oriental or Persian rug markets have their own draws, their own themes, their own strength and their own presentation. They are the hallmark of vintage in every form. Think of it this way: if these items were extremely popular centuries ago and continue to be sought after, they must be magnificent for a reason.

Incomparable Quality


And that’s exactly it for an Oriental rug. Each carpet is unique from presentation to background. They transcend the boundary of being simple house décor—they’re passed down from generation to generation maintaining a constant brilliance. There’s nothing like them on the market.

An Oriental rug is the hallmark of creative expression and freedom. To add one to your living space opens a whole new world of possibilities for your interior’s design. Their flexibility allows them to fit any part of the home. Their sense of grandeur is something that is unique and eye popping. They can freely blend in with the existing environment, or they can stand as the attention-grabbing centerpiece of your entire household.

The flavor of colors, the eccentric designs and the overall presentation are unlike anything else on the market. To own an Oriental rug is to provide yourself with a luxury unlike any other—an approach that is incomparable and will last far past one lifetime.

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