Creating The Perfect Puppy Kit with Milk-Bone® #ILoveMyK9 #CBias

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This is our cat, Luna. Do you see that angry look on her face? It’s because she sees all of those dog treats on the table and she is jealous!

Not too long ago, I went shopping at my local Walmart SuperCenter and bought Milk-Bone ® dog treats and toys for my pups. Because the prices were so low, and I got to use a $2.00 off manufacturer coupon for Pup-Peroni and Milo’s Kitchen dog treats, I purchased some extras to create a puppy kit – but I wasn’t sure who I was going to give the kit to when I bought them.

I was considering giving them to a friend who was talking about buying a new puppy for her parents for Christmas, taking them to the Humane Society, or just really spoiling my own dogs!

With Christmas coming up, there are going to be plenty of dogs going to new homes and I thought it would be nice if someone got to take home a nice little bag full of goodies for their new dog! Milk-Bone ® has so many different varieties for all sized dogs and they are so inexpensive at Walmart – this box of small sized snacks is only $2.50!

Things I bought for my Puppy Kit at Walmart, all for under $20!

  • Milk-Bone ® dog snacks
  • Pup-Peroni dog treats
  • Milo’s Kitchen dog treats
  • Dentastix
  • Canine Carryouts
  • Hartz Tiny Dog Chew Toy
  • 3 Tennis Balls
  • Chew Rope

I wanted to give the puppy kit to my local Humane Society, but when I called, they notified me that they no longer have dogs at their location, only cats! I had made my decision to give the treats to Animal Control, which is Miami’s version of “the pound” but then…my best friend saw a little doggie on the side of the road this morning and rescued it!

After taking it to the vet, she found that it did not have a microchip. It was in pretty bad shape, so she is going to keep it and try to find a home for it. If she isn’t going to find it a loving home, she is keeping the little boy herself. She is already getting attached because it is so sweet!

So I have decided to give my friend the puppy kit, because honestly, this poor little guy needs some treats, and because she already has t h r e e dogs, I am sure that she is going to appreciate getting some new toys for the new puppy!

I’m adding Milk-Bone ® dog snacks, Pup-Peroni treats, Canine Carry Outs, Dentastix and…toys! Every puppy loves toys!

This chewy rope was supposed to be for the Puppy Kit, but my dogs saw it and I felt bad…yes, they ended up with a new toy today! Of course they already have a ton of toys, but I can never say no to them!


This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. All opinions are my own. #CBias 

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  1. says

    Awww how adorable! That was so nice of you to get all those goodies for the dog and great of your friend to take the dog in. I feel sorry for your kitty though, poor girl!

  2. says

    that’s awesome she was able to rescue that cute doggy! And YOU’RE awesome for spreading the joy and giving her the puppy kit.

    all that for UNDER $20?? VERY cool!

  3. says

    Aaah how sweet! This is such a great cause, I am finishing up mine over the weekend and still haven’t decided where it is going. Your cat to funny, mine I am sure will be sitting right on top of the gifts while I try to take pictures!

  4. diane says

    I have a nice little donation package to go to one of the local rescue groups and my pup will be very sad to see those goodies leave!

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