Continuing the Home Remodel with a Brighter Bedroom! #GELighting #Cbias

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We are always doing something to the house…whether it be cutting down the 40 year old avocado tree that was destroying our power lines, installing new flooring or simply buying a new dining room table, turning our 1959 house into our own home is something that we are always working on.

This past weekend, I started tackling the master bedroom. We have already painted the room and started adding picture frames, and we bought all new (matching) furniture last year.

The next thing I wanted to concentrate on was our lighting issues. When our house was built in the 50’s, the rooms were very small, so two of the bedrooms were extended way back before we bought the house. Our bedroom is divided into almost two rooms, and there is no electrical wiring in the ceiling of the newer portion, so there is no overhead light.

The main part of the bedroom is okay – we want to buy a new, nicer light fixture, but for now, it will do. We picked up a simple dome fixture last year for $10 and are making that work for now! What we desperately needed was lighting in the other part of the room, where our dresser is and hello, the mirror!

As my family tries to be more green, I have started replacing light bulbs as they burn out with energy efficient CFL bulbs. They last so much longer – some last up to 9 years!! – and they reduce your energy usage so the benefits are two fold: they use less energy (we are on nuclear energy here in Miami) and they reduce waste because they last so long. Many people have a hard time finding proper recycling facilities so they throw their light bulbs in the trash…that’s a big no-no!

I went shopping at Walmart a few days ago and bought new GE Energy Smart bulbs and a few things for the bedroom, including some inexpensive decor and a new lamp for the dark side of the bedroom.

I may or may not have hummed Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of The Moon as I went shopping. You can read all about my Walmart shopping trip in this Google+ story.

Walmart had a ton of options in their lighting isle, but I ultimately choose this 3 pack of GE Energy Smart CFL bulbs to maximize my savings and provide the most light for our bedroom. I love that a 3 pack was only $7.97 – combine that already low price with my $2.00 coupon, and it only cost me $5.97 for 3 bulbs!

Of course there were many other options, all reasonably priced, considering that these GE energy smart bulbs can last anywhere between 5 to 9 years!

There are lots of ways to increase your energy savings, in addition to using GE CFL bulbs!

  1. Open your curtains during the day to let in natural sunlight instead of turning on your lights!
  2. Install dimmer switches for overhead lights when possible.
  3. Turn off the light when you leave a room!
  4. Instead of leaving a light on at night, buy an inexpensive nightlight!
After picking out my new GE Energy Smart bulbs and our new bedroom lamp, I started browsing Walmart’s wall decor…they have quite a few options, and they were all inexpensive! I picked up these cute little black birds that you just stick to your wall using a little adhesive sticker.

They look so pretty on my bedroom wall, and are a great variance from the usual picture or wall hanging!  I might even go back and buy a few more to add to the other side of my dresser!

During the day, our bedroom can be quite dark without the curtains open. I normally keep the large curtains closed because that side of the house faces the sun and lets in A LOT of heat – which is very bad for my cooling costs! Whenever I try to do anything in the bedroom during the day, I find myself tired and sleepy…the combination of the low light level and my soft blue walls is so relaxing that it makes me want to take a nap!

After setting up the new lamp, I find that the room is much more bright on that side of the bedroom and I can actually go in there and fold laundry or read a book and not end up taking a nap!

What I especially love about this Better Homes and Gardens lamp that I bought at Walmart is that is has a normal lamp that points upward, so the light reflects off of my white ceiling and provides a lot of light, but it also has a smaller task lamp that is adjustable…so my husband can turn that on in the morning while he is getting ready for work and it doesn’t brighten up the entire room to the point where it wakes me up!

He gets up at 5:30 am, so you can imagine why I wouldn’t want a bright light on that early!

I’ve estimated that we will save roughly $100 a year just in the bedroom, between this new lamp and our overhead dome light fixture by using these GE Energy Smart CFL bulbs over regular light bulbs. If we replace all of our current light bulbs with GE Energy Smart CFL bulbs, we could actually save over $500 a year on energy costs!

I guess it’s time to start printing out more $2.00 off coupons and head back to Walmart to buy more GE Energy Smart bulbs, right?!

You can estimate your savings by using this handy GE Energy Smart CFL Savings Calculator to estimate your own savings here!

And you can print off your own $2.00 off coupon by following the coupon widget in my right hand side bar!

You can watch this cool video from GE on YouTube!

You can learn more about GE Lighting, including their extensive line of GE Energy Smart and Reveal bulbs by visiting, or following GE Lighting on Twitter or Facebook!


I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias and GE but all opinions are my own. #CBias #SocialFabric

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  1. says

    Oh man! I think I might choose avocados over power, but I’m not sure. Tough call! :)Your room looks really nice, even though I am a big fan of naps I can totally understand why you didn’t want it TOO cozy!

  2. says

    That light really makes a difference! The room is looking amazing, I love the paint colour and the birds! I always get the energy efficient bulbs too! Mostly because I hate changing bulbs and now you can get ones that aren’t swirly, they look like an old bulb, prettier for certain areas!

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