Come See Me in Miami!

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I did quite a bit of traveling last year – a total of 5 out of state trips and 4 interstate trips. I love to travel!

Let’s see, there was the time I went to Austin, Texas to visit a friend for her birthday…and then went back the next month to visit her again because I loved it so much the first time. I went to Kentucky the following month to visit another friend, a recent transplant who was feeling a little homesick. I made my usual trips to North Carolina during the summer, once with my husband – with the motorcycle in tow – and once with younger sister and cousin for our family reunion.

I went to Key West, FL twice last year – which wasn’t nearly enough! Once was a couple’s weekend retreat, and the other? Fantasy Fest. Oh dear, dear Fantasy Fest!


We also spent a weekend in Cocoa Beach for my daughter’s aunt’s wedding, which was a real treat. Last but not least was the short trip that my daughter and I took to visit my grandmother in hospital in Lake City, about 6 hours away.

Of all of the places that I love to spend my time, can you take a wild guess as to my favorite?


That’s right…right here at home! Now, don’t get me wrong, I won’t be retiring my luggage any time soon. In fact, I’m planning a trip to visit friends in Toronto next month! But there is so much to do in Miami! It’s not very often that my friends come down to visit ME in Miami and that needs to change, sooner rather than later!

During the upcoming summer, we are hoping to convince my cousins to come visit us so that we can show them around Miami. There are so many great deals on flights to Miami and we have a spare bedroom – who wouldn’t want to visit?!

There’s simply so much to do in Miami, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

In Miami, we have lovely beaches. Beautiful blue waters.

We have swanky wine bars Downtown and gourmet French eateries in the heart of Coconut Grove.

We have large and small concert venues and every big name in music comes down to Miami on tour!

Where else can you go to the beach on Christmas day?

Or visit Fairchild Tropical Gardens and spend an entire afternoon gazing at beautiful flowers and pucker up to a bronze rabbit statue?


Where else can you start getting ready to go out to a club at 10 pm, and walk out their doors, greeted by the sunrise?

Miami, beach

A few weekends ago, my friends and I went to see a comedy show and ended up getting home at 5:30 am. Happy hour runs until 9 pm in some places, and we plan midnight bowling tournaments when we want something low key.

I think Miami should be renamed the city that never sleeps, because if you don’t want to, you can always find something to do, no matter what the time! Whenever friends and family come to visit, they are always blown away by the energy of Miami. They come, they play hard and then leave exhausted and happy.


* While I received compensation for this post, all opinions expressed are unbiased.

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