Coca-Cola Rice Recipe – Find new recipes on My Coke! #CokewithMeals

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Like most southern families, there was always Coca-Cola in our fridge while I was growing up. While I try not to drink soda very often now that I am older, I do still love to splurge on the occasional Coca-Cola, and there is always a can or two in the fridge for my husband when he gets home from work.

I was recently asked to check out the recipe index on – where I spend a lot of time entering in our codes from bottle caps anyway – and boy did I find a bunch of interesting recipes to choose from! My favorite by far was the Coca-Cola Rice, because honestly, it was simple and quick was perfect to make for myself for lunch! There were also really interesting recipes like Coca-Cola Beef Stew, BBQ Pork and Beans with Coca-Cola BBQ Sauce and Coca-Cola Pork Loin…can you say “yum?!”

So for the lunch the other day, I grabbed a Coke out of the fridge and got to work trying that Coca-Cola Rice recipe!

Coca-Cola Rice – Recipe Courtesy of Ingrid Hoffman
1-1/2 tbsp vegetable oil
2 cups long-grain white rice
1/2 tsp salt
3-1/2 cups Coca-Cola
1/4 cup raisins (I was a naughty girl and substituted Craisins for the raisins!)
3 tbsp sliced or slivered almonds, lightly toasted


Heat the oil in a large pot over medium-high heat for 1 minute. Add the rice and cook until it is opaque, about 2 minutes, stirring often.

Add the salt to the cola and stir until dissolved (the salt helps to release some of the carbonation) and then add it to the rice.

Bring to a boil, then reduce the heat to medium- low, cooking until the liquid has almost completely evaporated, about 15 minutes.

Stir in the raisins and the almonds and reduce the heat to the lowest setting. Cover and cook until the rice is tender, about 25 minutes. Uncover, fluff with a fork and serve.

Prep time: 5-10 min. Cook time: 20-25 min.

The recipe on My Coke Rewards was super easy to follow and I loved it! I recommend checking out the recipe portion of the website when you have a chance, as there are lots of other recipes to choose from, with 11 recipes from Ingrid Hoffman – all with a Latin twist – and 16 Family Favorite recipes from G. Garvin.

You can save different recipes to your own cookbook and design it any way you like! Then it’s always right there for you to go to when you want a fun and different dish – like G’s Coca-Cola BBQ Wings!

Compensation was provided by Coca-Cola, but Coca-Cola is not a sponsor, administrator, or involved in any other way with this pin/post. All opinions expressed are my own and not those of Coca-Cola.

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  1. Jennie says

    Hmm… I might have to make this, because I just can’t imagine what this flavor combination would even taste like. Very intriguing.

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