Classy with a Touch of Sass

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Just because you have a sassy attitude doesn’t mean you want your home to look anything other than classy. Of course, how each person defines both terms is what makes us all unique. Regardless of where your personal class and sass benchmarks are, most people recognize when they enter a space that has class with a touch of the owner’s personality, even if it doesn’t align directly with their own. This is why it is so important to take the time to create a space that is authentically classy.

Foundational Furniture

No one is saying a starving artist should go out and spend thousands of dollars to furnish each room of their studio apartment. However, as funds become available, it makes sense to invest some money into creating the aesthetic foundation of your living space. What this means to each person will be different but the way to do it is the same.

First, it’s important to start with a really great brand like Stanley Furniture. This is important because when you go with a trusted brand that has a great reputation for delivering high-quality products that last decades rather than a few months, you know you won’t need to repeat the expense next year. If you think of furniture purchases as an investment in the style of your home and enjoyment of the space then it is much easier to justify the higher cost that accompanies higher quality furnishings.

Start with the room that you spend the most time. If this is the living room, a really comfortable sofa to watch your favorite movies on is a good place to start. If you enjoy spending time in your bedroom, create a nesting space with an overstuffed chair, table, and lamp. If your world revolves around cooking and entertaining, a killer dining room set could be your first purchase. Whatever you choose, this is the time to be classy rather than sassy. Sass changes over time and it’s better to add that in little touches rather than the pillars that will support the room.

Paint and Paintings

Some people want to show off their obsession with purple, pink, or neon orange by using them to paint the walls of their home. While this certainly ups the sass factor it might be a little difficult for guests to easily discern the class. Instead, try painting the walls a more neutral shade and then do an accent wall in the color that makes your heart sing. If the color is really bold, you may want to find it in some artwork and use it in that way.

What if colors really aren’t the primary focal point for your artistic eye? Turn it towards whatever you feel most passionate about. If that is travel, have some of your best travel photos enlarged and printed on canvas to hang on your walls. Whatever really makes you feel alive is what you should bring into your home.

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Floors and Accents

The flooring and accents you choose to decorate the room with can be a mixture of sass and class. If you are able to renovate the place you are living and have the ability to install new flooring, it can be a great way to make a huge statement. However, flooring is often very expensive and not a viable option for someone who is renting. It is possible to completely change the look of the room without a huge budget and retain the ability to take it with you when you move, killer rugs. Unlike carpeting, rugs are a fraction of the price and provide a vast amount of stylistic freedom. It isn’t permanent so you can go with something inexpensive that makes a splashy statement or invest in an heirloom piece.

Accents are another way to give a room all the sass it needs to identify it instantly as being yours. If you love unicorns, find the move amazing unicorn salt and pepper shake you can and place them on your stunning dining room table. If you work as an accountant by day and fangirl about superheroes in your off time, buy some branded merchandise for your bookshelves to show it off.

It’s your space and the attention to detail is what will make it truly become your home.

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