Christmas Gift-Giving Made Easy for Out-Of-Towners!

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I can’t believe that Christmas is almost here…I was shopping for Halloween treats the other day and saw that there was already a Christmas display at my local grocery store!

While I have a large amount of family very close to me, I also have a ton of family members all over the country, and it can be difficult getting gifts sent out to everyone during the holidays. While it’s very easy to actually buy the gifts, packaging them, standing in line at the post office and ensuring that they get there in time to be opened on Christmas morning? Well, that’s the part I worry about!

First of my list for out-of-state Christmas gifts are my in-laws, of course I have to send them something special because we are never able to get out there to visit them for the holidays. I used to drive myself crazy searching for the perfect gift and worried for a week if they would receive their package in time. Now instead of sending individual gifts, I send them a fresh bouquet – and they always love it!

I love sending them Christmas flowers because out in the desert where they live, they don’t get a lot of color during the winter! Well, they actually don’t get any color – besides white (snow) and brown (mud after the snow melts). Sending flowers means that they always love their gift and I know it will be delivered on time!

I also love sending my grandparents flowers for the holidays – specifically, poinsettia, because that is my grandmother’s favorite Christmas decoration. While I do actually see them on Christmas, it’s one of those nice little things that I can do to brighten their holiday season and show them that I love them! I also stock up on poinsettia for my own home during the holidays. There’s just something about those bright red flowers that really put me in the Christmas spirit!

Another one of my go-to gifts for the holiday season are Christmas hampers. What I really love about sending these to loved ones is that they can be so customized – I’ve sent ones with wine and cheese, some with cookies and chocolate, or others with bath and body products. It’s like I actually went out shopping for the gift myself, because I can choose a basket with exactly what I want to send! This is actually also my personal favorite to receive as well! I especially love receiving a surprise delivery full of cookies and baked goods!

Hint, hint!

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  1. Tiffany Ramirez says

    I love the idea of the Christmas hamper – really allows for a personalized touch which goes over with relatives & friends both in & out of town!!!

  2. Other guy says

    That is a pretty simple, easy idea. Just enough to make sure they know you are thinking about them during the holiday season.

  3. Berta Tillman says

    G’Day! Therebelchick,
    Thanks for your thoughts One of the best part of Christmas Season is the giving and sharing spirit that goes on. Christmas is important because it reminds us to forgive and to love one another. It is also important because the sharing part is mostly sincere during this season. It’s a good feeling to see these things happening all at the same time. You get to see families sharing the joys of Christmas with other families. Even enemies get united and join in the fun of sharing gifts and merry making. What a wonder to behold indeed. I love this time of year!
    Keep up the good work

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