Chocolate Covered Strawberry Frappe Recipe #LightIcedCoffee

I think everyone knows by now how much I adore my International Delight Light Iced Coffee right? In addition to drinking the mocha flavor every morning (hey, it’s just 100 calories!), I also love to whip up guilt-free treats for myself throughout the week.

Before I began dieting and trying to get into better shape, I used to make homemade smoothies and milkshakes for Angeline and I on a regular basis. Now that I try to limit my diary and sugar to only special treats, I’ve had to find creative ways to indulge without using up all of my calories in a day!

That’s one of the things I most love about International Delight Light Iced Coffee recipes – not only do they taste fantastic, but I can used the light iced coffee to replace milk, cream and sugar in most of the smoothie and milkshake recipes I try! That’s because the new Light Iced Coffee has 33.3% fewer calories and 39% less sugar, with only 100 calories per 8 ounce serving!

The funny thing is, I was drinking the regular International Delight Iced Coffee all last year…and I really can’t taste the difference! It is still just as smooth and creamy, so I really don’t feel like I am missing out on anything!

I just made a chocolate covered strawberry frappe recipe using International Delight Light Iced Coffee – and it was amazing!

international delight light iced coffee frappe

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Frappe Recipe


1 cup (8 ounces) International Delight Light Iced Coffee Mocha

1 cup hulled strawberries

1 cup ice

1 teaspoon chocolate pudding mix


In a blender, blend together all ingredients.

Yeah, that’s it. 

Super easy, right? Who needs expensive coffeehouse drinks when you can whip one up in your own kitchen for a fraction of the price?

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The cool games on the Facebook page include:

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I loved the Flip & Find, it reminds me of the memory games I used to play as a kid! Once you successfully match up all of the cards, you can sign up to receive cute invitation cards via email for your next International Delight Light Iced Coffee party!

With less calories and less sugar, International Delight Light Iced Coffee lets you enjoy MORE of what you love! For more fun ways to break up your day, visit ID’s new online games today for a chance to win sweet prizes and coupons to use on your next purchase!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of International Delight. The opinions and text are all mine.