Check Out America’s Most Luxurious Condos

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Condo buildings don’t always attract the eyes of travelers, but they’re often among the most stunning places you can visit in major cities and shoreside destinations. Depending on the building you may or may not be able to book a few nights to stay (there’s always Airbnb), but even if that’s not an option, just glimpsing some of these homes can be stunning. There are often restaurants, bars, or clubs in the lobbies, you can sometimes gain access to a pool or VIP area, and on occasion you may even be able to tour rooms, indulging the fantasy that one day you might own a condo on top of the world.

Whatever the case may be, here’s a look at some of the most spectacular and luxurious condos you can find vacationing through the United States.

Turnberry Place – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is better known for its hotel and casino destinations, and the truth is that the Turnberry Place towers (there are four of them) are almost unassuming compared to some of the gaudier attractions on the infamous Las Vegas Strip.


But as Ask Men pointed out in an older article on some of the country’s greatest condos, these towers are flourishing when not too many high-rise condo complexes in this city have. At 45 stories and with their own luxurious amenities just off the Strip they offer all the fun and opulence of Vegas, as well as spectacular views over one of the world’s most vibrant city areas, but they’re also more private than the average Sin City hotel getaway.

Faena House – Miami Beach, Florida

Miami is one of the most impressive cities in the U.S. for luxury accommodations, and Discover Homes Miami listed Faena House as the single most luxurious condo in the city.


Located on Miami Beach and just minutes from legendary South Beach, it’s a beautifully designed building stacked with lucrative condo units. Each individual unit has floor-to-ceiling windows and a wrap-around terrace, meaning every resident can enjoy different views of the beach and surrounding city.

432 Park – New York, New York

It’s almost impossible to single out just one condo or penthouse in New York City. Manhattan is positively overflowing with luxury living spaces that put most of the world’s alternatives to shame, and there aren’t many condo buildings more striking than the brand new 432 Park.


Business Insider pointed out that what makes this new building so special is its ability to take advantage of the biggest and best amenity New York has to offer: views of the city. The incredibly thin building reaches 96 stories into the air, towering over Central Park and Midtown Manhattan in a way way no other condo quite can.

The Pacific – San Francisco, California

The Pacific is another condo facility that was noted by Business Insider, and one that celebrates one of the most interesting cities on America’s West Coast in style.

The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California.

The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California.

A brand new complex, it consists of a relatively short tower with a set of luxury row houses built as a modern twist on San Francisco’s traditional housing structure. The unique design makes it stand out among big city luxury condos, but The Pacific’s private gardens and Observatory Lounge with views of the Golden Gate Bridge make it all the more alluring.

Waikiki Landmark – Honolulu, Hawaii

Finally, this wouldn’t be an appropriate list without some mention of the state that many believe to be the best in the U.S. for vacations and luxurious getaways: Hawaii. There, it’s the Waikiki Landmark that tends to get the most attention among condo buildings.


It’s hard to beat a penthouse in the capital of America’s island paradise. A little while ago Locations Hawaii listed the best of the bunch at Waikiki Landmark at a whopping $12.5 million. The reason for the extravagant price tag? It makes up the entire 35th floor of the complex and includes four separate penthouses within it!

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