Charlie Sheen in Anger Management…Totally #Winning

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I’ll just say it: I LOVE Charlie Sheen in Anger Management on FX.

I’ve always loved Charlie Sheen, ever since I watched Red Dawn for the first time.

Charlie Sheen in Anger Management, Charlie sheen in red dawn

Courtesy MGM

Did I just date myself?


I loved him even more when I watched Platoon….which is one of my favorite movies, only tied with Full Metal Jacket.

Yeah. I like violent war movies from the 80s about Vietnam. Whatevs. Get over it.

Charlie Sheen in Anger Management, CHarlie Sheen in Platoon

Courtesy MGM

I watched the dramatic climax as Charlie Sheen went off the deep end and consequently got fired from Two and a Half Men last year.

Guess what? I didn’t care. I still loved him. 

There’s just something about Charlie Sheen – no matter how “bad” he is, no matter how tumultuous the relationship with the women in his life – I just can’t get enough. While he may not actually be my favorite actor (cough, cough John Cusack), Charlie Sheen is one of my favorite personalities.

Let’s get real, no one tuned into Two and a Half Men for all those years because we just loved John Cryer that much.

We wanted to see Charlie. And we wanted to see him be a total douche bag. 

So, when I heard that we would be seeing Charlie Sheen in Anger Management on FX, I was a little excited…okay, fine, I was really exited!

Now that I’ve watched a few episodes, I wanted to share my thoughts. Because Anger Management is on FX, which is not a popular network channel, many people don’t even realize that it is on!

Charlie Sheen in Anger Management

I totally stole this off the FX website.

Here’s the deal about Anger Management:

Charlie Sheen plays Charlie Goodson, a retired baseball player turned divorced therapist with a teenage daughter.

Charlie Sheen plays a nice guy, y’all. 

He runs a therapy group out of his home, is super friendly with his ex wife, a great dad to his OCD teen daughter – all while having a freaky-sex with no strings attached agreement with his best friend and fellow therapist, Kate.

Kate is played by Selma Blair, and I am all kinds of happy about that.

So…there are a lot of similarities between Two and a Half Men and Anger Management.

The season premiered with Charlie talking about how he became an anger management therapist – he had a total blow out…um….not unlike the one he had on Two and a Half Men in real life!

Charlie Sheen plays a play boy, but a nice play boy. With actual feelings. And respect for women.

I haven’t heard him reference hookers, cocaine or STDs…NOT EVEN ONCE. I know, right? Total shocker!

Charlie Sheen in Anger Management is basically Charlie Harper all grown up and mature – and rated semi-PG. The show is funny, there’s always a bit of a moral of a story, and there are heart warming, sweet moments.

While he does have that no-strings-attached sexual relationship with Kate, it’s made clear that they are best friends and that the relationship is mutually beneficial. In fact, in one episode, he began dating someone and didn’t want to sleep with Kate.

The show isn’t all about sex, though – unlike Two and a Half Men. The plot largely revolves around Charlie’s anger management therapy group and actually addresses some very real topics. Of course there is comedy, but it’s nice to see a more serious side to the show as well.

So…I have to say this. Charlie Sheen in Anger Management? #WINNING

I love it.

I realized at the end of the second episode that the show is owned by Sheen and his brother Emilio Estevez, so I can only assume that he has total creative control and is trying to improve his image.

It’s working. 

If you’re a Charlie Sheen fan, I recommend checking out Anger Management on FX on Thursdays at 9:30. Hell, check it out even if you aren’t a fan, you might be surprised.

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  1. says

    omg, you’re the first person I’ve met who loves war movies too! Platoon is a huge, huge, huge favorite and so is Full Metal Jacket. omg, so excited we have that in common.

    Ok, so anyhow…. Charlie Sheen. He may be a dip in real life, but doggone it, I absolutely love his dry sense of humor!

  2. says

    I don’t think I’ve watched any of these! Also, since I only know of Charlie Sheen as kinda of a jerk (for lack of a better word) through his character on Two and a Half Men, it would be interesting to check him out as a nice guy!

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