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I want to share with you a charitable organization I recently learned about called GiveBack. I am one of those people that gets teary-eyed every time a save-the-children type commercial airs on television, you see, so this really touched my heart.


GiveBack was founded in 2008 by Stephen Paletta, after winning Oprah’s Big Give contest on her show. During the show, Stephen traveled cross-country and met folks in towns who were giving back to their communities. After Stephen won the Big Give, he used his $1,000,000 winnings to set up his own foundation and donate to charities around the world.

“GiveBack was conceived and built around the idea of empowering people to start their own foundation and then giving them more money to give back to the causes they care most about. GiveBack was launched in 2010 with the help of star athletes and Mission Skincare co-founders Serena Williams and Steve Nash, who wanted to be a model for doing good on and off the field of play.”

How does it work? It’s a pretty simple idea, really.

  • You can sign up at GiveBack by registering or logging in through Facebook.
  • Once your account is registered, you can begin searching for charities that you would like to support. You can choose any charitable organization that is recognized and in good standing with the Internal Revenue Service.
  • Add money to your organization by donating directly from a credit card, shopping with their 400+ online partners (earning up to 15% of each purchase) and engaging with their sponsors to earn more for your foundation.
  • Spread the word! Share on Facebook and your other social networking sites, or make an announcement in church! Every donation adds up!
  • A credit card is in the works where your foundation will earn each time you use the card! Keep an eye out for it!

I personally chose the Girl Up charity, which is organized by the United Nations. Here is a little info from their site:

Girl Up is about you – and your friends – coming together to raise awareness and funds to help girls living in countries like Malawi and Liberia in five important ways: every Girl Up “High Five” donation of $5 or more supports United Nations programs that help girls go to school, get a health checkup, be protected from violence, be counted and become more involved in their communities.

One of my favorite things about this process is how easy it is so give! The convenience of buying something online and automatically earning money for my charity is, well, it’s just convenient for me!

As added motivation to sign up now, GiveBack has kicked off the “100 Days of Giving” contest and one member will win $1,000 for his/her foundation every day until July 16.

GiveBack and their merchant partners are offering 100 Days of Deals. Visit the GiveBack Shopping Mall for a different special offer each day that not only gives you a great value, but also funds your foundation account! Why are they doing this? Because we all want to give more and we would if we had more to give. With GiveBack, you can purchase the things you need, even get great deals, all while earning money for you foundations!

They have recently added 60 new ways to give back; 60 new merchants to the growing list of 400+. A few examples are Apple Online, Bloomingdale’s, Dell Home, and! I don’t know about you, by Macy’s is one of those sites that I shop at all the time anyway!

Now through July 16, you have the opportunity to double your earnings and offers to earn as much as 50% for your foundation account. Bookmark this page: GiveBack Shopping Mall and check in every day for a new opportunity to save and to give back!

To get started, just visit!


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*While this post was sponsored by, all opinions are my own.


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