Champions for Kids Makes Summer More Fun for the Kids! #OdwallaCFK

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On Friday morning, I knew I had a busy day of ahead of me. I was scheduled to take our foster kitten, Mary Poppins, back to the Humane Society so that she should be spayed and adopted out. After that, I had an appointment at the Miami Rescue Mission’s Youth Center to donate some sporting and outdoor fun items for the upcoming summer programs.

My daughter came with me – yes, I am one of those parents that allows her daughter to miss school when big things are happening…saying goodbye to our foster kitten and meeting the people behind the Youth Center were things I wanted her to be involved in.

I had boxed up all of my goodies for the Miami Rescue Mission after speaking with an employee about their summer supplies wish list.

Some items on their list were:

  • basketballs
  • footballs
  • jump ropes
  • board games
  • video games
  • kid friendly movies
  • books

Now, we didn’t have any video games that we could spare, but I did have a few Disney dvds that I was given to review, and quite a bit of children’s books around the house. I gathered together those gently used items, as well as all of the supplies I purchased at Walmart and started getting those boxes packed up!

In addition to the goodies I already had at home, I packed up:

  • 2 boxes of sidewalk chalk
  • a case of bubbles
  • 4 jump ropes
  • foot ball
  • soccer ball
  • basket ball
  • 7 kites
  • 2 super balls
  • cracker snacks
  • juice boxes
  • fruit snacks
  • raisins
  • granola bars

And…those bottles of Odwalla that I bought at Walmart to bring to the Youth Center?

Well, I was supposed to include them in the goodies I brought to the Youth Center as part of my Champions for Kids Simple Service project…but when Angeline and I got out of the car in front of the shelter across the street, there were a few men laying on the sidewalk…and I gave them the Odwalla.

When we arrived, I gave the employees at the Youth Center my donations and then I was given a little tour of the facilities. Because there is a small private school program run out of the center during school hours, I was only able to take photos of the parts of the building where there were no students.

An interesting thing we learned was that the Miami Heat sponsors the entire building! I thought that was fantastic. I love that our hometown team gives back to the community!

The kids who are enrolled in the after school and summer programs have this awesome computer lab at their disposal, where they can surf the internet and work on school work!

This is the Youth Center’s game room, complete with comfy sofas, air hockey, Foosball, and a pool table.

The Youth Center has a great reading room for the kids! I’m going to have to keep my eyes out for more kid friendly books to bring in the next time I come!

My daughter and I spoke with the director a little while we were there about the programs and I am so glad that she was able to come with me. It’s so important for children to understand how easy it is to help others – just a few fun things from the local Walmart, and these inner city kids will have more fun this summer!

After we left the Miami Rescue Mission, I took my daughter down one of the side streets in the neighborhood to see some of the incredible street art that Overtown is so famous for. This is my favorite piece!

You can find out more about Champions for kids on their website or by following them on Twitter or Facebook. They always have new Simple Service Projects that make it easy for everyone to do some good in their towns.


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    What a great project. And you know what, you are teaching your daughter the importance of service and giving, so I’d say that is education…even if it isn’t inside the school building!

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