Celebrations by Radko Decor & Easter Baskets Galore! #KmartEaster #CBias

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I love Easter, I always have. When I was a little kid, Easter symbolized the last family gathering I would have with my grandparents before they left for North Carolina, where they lived during the spring and summer months. They were snowbirds, and always left right after Easter. Now that I am an adult, I still love Easter, though it’s taken on a different special meaning – I get to spoil my daughter and nieces and nephew and cousins with candy, baked goods, and cute little Easter baskets!

I’ve been incredibly distracted lately, what with last minute trips and our new foster kitten, and it occurred to me yesterday that I hadn’t started decorating for Easter yet!

With Easter less than a week away, I realized yesterday that I really needed to kick into gear and start getting ready! I’d already perfected the art of dyeing Easter Eggs, and had scheduled my Easter Egg hunt for right after our Easter dinner…But the house was lacking that little something that makes it feel like Easter.

So I went to my local Kmart and started shopping through their Easter department, which now showcases the beautiful line of Celebrations by Radko! I love shopping Kmart for the holidays because their prices are usually a lot lower than other mass merchandise stores, and after shopping there for Halloween last year, I am completely addicted to their 50% deals on holiday themed items! Kmart is the only retailer I have found that has 50% off sales BEFORE the holiday is over!

And their Shop Your Way Rewards? Total awesomesauce!

You can read all about my shopping trip to Kmart in this Google+ story, but these are my two favorite photos from my shopping trip…they really showcase what Kmart has to offer for Easter!

Before I began shopping, I browsed through the Kmart circular to see what was on sale and to get an idea of what I wanted. I checked Kmart on Twitter just in case there were any tweets about specials on Easter supplies too! I was happy to see that not only was candy on sale, but the line of Easter decor, Celebrations by Radko were also on sale!

These adorable Celebrations by Radko candy dishes were regularly priced $9.99, which I think is a fair price. BUT they were on sale 50% off, so they were only $4.99 each! I bought three, and ended up going back the next day to buy a fourth!

I’m kinda crazy like that; I always want a complete set!

This was just one area of prepackaged Easter baskets at Kmart, which I didn’t even see until I was checking out! This is one thing I really love about Kmart – they have a gift at every price point, so everyone can afford to treat their kids to a basket on Easter morning! They had baskets starting at $3.99, going up to $19.99! Oh, and those were also on sale! The basket I bought my daughter was regularly priced at $15.99 but with the sale, I got it for $13.99! Hey, every dollar counts in our one income household!

I found the perfect prepackaged Easter basket for Angeline. They had an entire section that was full of baskets for older kids – Angeline is 14, so I didn’t want to give her one full of crayons and bubbles, know what I mean? They had an awesome Glee Easter Basket (among a few other kinds, like Snoopy!) that I know is going to be perfect for her!

It has a Glee keepsake box, a drawstring bag, a little candy and a pair of really cool Glee headphones! Angeline is a total Gleek, and I just know that she is going to flip when she sees this! I really love the idea of using a premade Easter basket because it saves so much time! No struggling to put together the perfect toys/candy/Easter eggs, because everything is already right there! Also? No Easter basket grass all over the house! And…honestly, this basket only cost me $13.99, which is less than I would have spent on purchasing all of the individual items to make a basket myself!

Once I got home from Kmart, I started working on my tabletop decor…let’s just say that I am not the most creative person on earth, okay? So it took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do with my gorgeous Celebrations by Radko candy dishes. I ended up going back to Kmart to get the extra candy dish that matched the set and also bought two Celebrations by Radko bunny figurines to include in the design. FYI, interior decorators deserve to make a lot of money, because it’s hard work!

This is what I started with…before I headed back to Kmart.

After I came home, I added the fourth candy dish and the two figurines and fluffed up the grass a bit. I think it came out looking really cute!

I sent a picture to my husband, who is overseas for work right now, and he gave me the thumbs up!

This is my very favorite piece from the Celebrations by Radko line at Kmart. This little chicky is just too cute!

Between the Easter Basket, the Celebrations by Radko decor items, lots of Easter candy and the few household items I purchased at Kmart, I spent about $100 – but I saved almost $50!! On top of that, I also earned a $5 Kmart award card for spending over $50, thanks to my Kmart Shop Your Way Rewards membership! Sweet!

You can learn more about the Kmart Shop Your Way Rewards program on the Kmart Facebook page, or by checking out the Kmart website. I’ve only been a member since January, and I’ve already earned $3 in rewards! Woo hoo!

Are you decorating for Easter? If so, I’d love to hear about your decorating ideas!

This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. All opinions are my own! #CBias

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