Celebrate Magical Baby Moments with Disney Baby’s Little Character Contest!

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A big thanks to Disney Baby for sponsoring this post and the Disney Baby “Little Character” Contest.

Childhood is magical.

It is full of wonder and imagination, fairies, princesses, lost boys, pirate ships and talking bears and mice…and happiness.

As my daughter grows older (she’s entering high school this fall, eek!!), I find myself thinking more and more about the magic of her baby days…those long afternoons of snuggling, playing patty cake, taking her for long walks in the stroller. Babies find such joy in such simple things; a tiny game of peekaboo or a glimpse of Mickey Mouse on the Disney Channel and you can see the joy in their eyes!

When I think back to my own daughter’s early childhood – those cute, squishy, giggly baby days – I always equate our magical moments as the ones we spent on the beach.

Angeline loved the beach, even as a baby!

She loved digging her hands into the sand, playing in the surf and watching the seagulls fly overhead. These photos were taken when Angeline was about 6 months old, back when her hair was crazy (see that little poof? ha ha ha!) and her curiosity was most intense. Every thing around her was fascinating; she wanted to touch everything, dig in everything, and of course…put everything in her mouth.

Or her daddy’s mouth!

In the spirit of magical childhood moments, Disney Baby is running Disney Baby ‘Little Character’ Contest and is inviting you to submit a photo of your baby, newborn to 24 months old  (born 9/2010 to 5/2012). Disney Baby is searching for all of those Happy, Grumpy, and Sleepy moments that capture your beautiful baby’s unique personality.

Entering is easy! You can submit as many photos as you’d like for a chance to win the Grand Prize. From May 15 through June 18, Disney Baby will select one winner each week for a total of five finalists. Those five finalists will each receive a deluxe Disney Baby prize package, including Huggies diapers, and will be eligible to win the Grand Prize.

I know that you have a ton of adorable, magical baby photos, so submit them to the Disney Baby ‘Little Character’ Contest on the Disney Baby website for a chance to win!

Beginning on June 28, America will being to vote to select the Grand Prize winner from the five finalists. Voters will be also eligible for a chance to win the Voter’s Sweepstakes. Vote every day to increase your chances to win a luxurious beach vacation at Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows in Santa Monica, CA. The three-night stay features:

  • Signature Bungalow Accommodations
  • Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner at Chef Ray Garcia’s Seasonal Bistro, Fig Restaurant valued at $250
  • A spa package at Exhale Mind Body Spa valued at $200 and Daily Exhale Core Fusion classes

In addition to the Grand Prize winner, there will also be a very lucky Fan Favorite winner! You can encourage your family and friends to vote for your sweet baby until June 18th, and if your submission has the most valid votes at the end of the entry phase, you could win a Caribbean vacation! How exciting is that?!

The Fan Favorite Prizes are:

  • A Beaches Resorts Luxury Included® Family Vacation
  • A 1 year supply of Huggies® diapers
  • A Deluxe Disney Baby gift pack

You don’t need to submit different entries to be eligible for Fan Favorite, as entering the contest automatically enters you into both the Weekly Winner contest and the Fan Favorite contest. Now, while you can enter as many times as you want (as long as each entry includes a different photo), you can not resubmit the same entry into subsequent weekly entry periods.

Oh, and about that fabulous Grand Prize? It includes:

  • $10,000 toward your baby’s education
  • A “crawl on” role for your baby in ABC Family’s new original comedy, Baby Daddy
  • A chance to have your baby’s photo featured in a Disney Baby ad
  • A trip to LA and $500 shopping spree
  • A one year supply of Huggies diapers
Sounds incredible, right?

What are you waiting for? Go submit your photos of your magical childhood moments in the Disney Baby ‘Little Character’ Contest!

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    OH this contest sounds wonderful. I have so many beach memories when we lived in Florida. Thanks for the heads up, and cute photos!

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