langston hughes quote about death

How Do You Process Grief?

Sometimes you have to take a step back from everything you’re doing and take a long, hard look at the way you live your life. Sometimes this is the result of something amazing happening; one of those instinctual OH MY GOSH I AM SO LUCKY moments that fills our hearts with pure joy and gratitude….

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the love you take quote

I Believe in the Power of Being Nice

About a year ago, I cut all ties with one of my oldest and dearest friends. As the background story is long, I’ll give you the cliff notes version: she was romantically involved with a family member for many years, and left her fiance for that family member. When that relationship ended, I remained friends…

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The Day My Boobs Betrayed Me

I’ve been living by the motto “you only live once” for quite a while now. I’ve dealt with my fair share of deaths in the family, and when Angeline’s father died five years ago, it was a tipping point for me. Life is short. So Chris and I saved every penny we could, we paid…

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impossible quote

It Always Seems Impossible…

I just did something crazy. I purchased a ticket to the TBEX Dublin travel bloggers conference. I did it. I am going. I don’t know if anyone will be going with me, I don’t know if I will know anyone when I get there… But I am going. To Ireland. I have decided that 2013…

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My First OHMYGOD Moment as a Mom

Being a parent can be terrifying. Aside from the every day challenges that raising a child brings, we sometimes encounter situations where everything is completely out of our control. I had my first OH MY GOD WHAT AM I GOING TO DO? moment last week…when Angeline called me to tell me that there had been…

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