I Need a Girl’s Weekend!

Have you ever had one of those “I need to get away!” moments? Of course you have, because I can’t be the only woman on the planet who day dreams about massages, facials and steam baths while doing the dishes or scrubbing the toilet! Even though I am a stay at home mom now, I…

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Celebrate our National Parks with The Energizer Bunny Giveaway!

Every summer, I take my daughter to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in North Carolina. It’s a tradition that’s been passed down through my family for generations. We go camping, biking, picnicking – sometimes we just go for drives on the Blue Ridge Parkway and take in beautiful views of the vistas. There are rest stops…

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bradenton beach gulf coast of florida

A Weekend Trip to Bradenton Beach, FL

Last weekend, my husband and I drove to the sleepy little town of Bradenton, Florida, to visit his grandfather in the hospital. We arrived Friday night, grabbed a quick dinner at the Waffle House, and after looking high and low for cheap hotels and not finding anything last minute, we checked into the Motel 6 for the…

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Seattle, Here I Come!

Those of you who know me know that I love 90’s grunge music. I pretty much love anything that came out of the 90’s. I’ve always had an interest in visiting Seattle and seeing it for myself: the laid-back vibe, the dreary weather, the music scene. I flew into Seattle in May of 2001 and…

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