Wordless Wednesday: A Summer to Remember

It’s not very often that Angeline and I take a trip by ourselves. After Chris stopped traveling every month for work, we stay home more often, or we travel as a family.

We spent 14 days in Europe together and I was a bit afraid that what with her being a hormonal teenager, and my being a hormonal 30-something, that we’d be at each other’s throats more often than not! Luckily, it was smooth sailing for our entire trip, and I think we made memories that will last us both a lifetime!

This picture Angeline posted on Instagram sums it all up: we had fun.

angeline instagram

Travel Tuesday: Saying Goodbye to the West Indies

My husband found out last week that his employer has changed his position, and he will no longer be traveling to Barbados and Trinidad for work.

As happy as I am that I will have my husband in the same country for the entire month again…I’m a little sad knowing that I will probably never visit Barbados or Trinidad again…

The reason I was able to go there before was because the hotel was paid for by his company for work purposes – I was just tagging along, so I only had to pay for airfare and my expenses. It made spending a week at the Hilton on the beach in Barbados affordable – I don’t see myself being able to afford to do that again.

Sad face.

Goodbye, mountainside drives through Trinidad…

Goodbye, sunsets on the beach in Barbados…

As Chris begins this new position, he may travel to other places for work, but we aren’t sure when or where just yet. As he moves into his new position, we will learn more.

Keep your fingers crossed for me that I get to tag along if he goes anywhere cool!

Travel Photography: Inspiring Moments Captured

You how much I love my photo quotes…

Each time I am going through my photos from a trip, I find myself automatically attributing certain quotes to certain types of photos.

For instance, each time I snap a picture of the sunlight bursting through the clouds, I think of the Beatles. Here Comes the Sun plays softly in my head…

The images I am able to capture with my Sony Nex C3 are so much clearer than they were with my iPhone 4s – and don’t even get me started on the zoom lens!

The one thing I do need to learn how to do is to capture movement, as I haven’t figured that out yet.


I love the difference in depth with a real camera vs the iPhone. No more “pushing” everything back with the iPhone. With my DSLR, the images translate so much more realistically!

I’m loving my new Sony Nex C3 DSLR. I always thought I took such great photographs with my iPhone but now that I’ve traveled quite a bit with my DSLR?

WOW. I don’t know how I ever survived without it!

Are you using a DSLR? If you are still using your iPhone as your main camera, like I was until June, what apps do you find help you create the most beautiful photos?

Pincam Photo and Video Editing App for Your iPhone

I am what I like to call an iPhoneographer – meaning that I take the majority of my photos with my iPhone.

Welcome to the 21 century, am I right?

You should see the photo editing apps on my iPhone – it seems like I am always finding new ones! When I take photos with my DSLR, I find myself wishing that I had taken them with my iPhone so that I can use my apps on the photos before posting them!

I just starting using PinCam, a new free photo and video app available in the iTunes store.

I’ve been playing around with the Pincam photo and video editing app and it’s pretty cool! You can just pin to select different moments in a recording, and leave the rest to Pincam. What I love about PinCam is that you don’t have to sit and wait and hope that you are able to catch something in a photo, you can just start recording and then pin the photo-worthy moment after it happens!

Because let’s face it, we all know how slow the iPhone camera can be when that perfect photo opp presents itself! I usually end up missing the opportunity while waiting for the camera to open or to snap the picture.

The Pincam app saves you time and efforts without compromising the quality of your videos and you will get your very own highlight reel in just a few easy steps! You can also edit all of those videos that you already have saved on your phone!

Earlier this year, I was taking a video of the neighbor’s dog climbing our fence and I couldn’t get a single frame in a photo – boy I wish I had known about this app back then!

Once you have your photos selected from the video, you can play around with the fun Pincam app filter effects!

  • Ovid, Blue Vintage, Cotton, Somber, Cocktail, Car Wash
  • Locomotive, Hangover, Mondrian, Black Olive, Gold Rush
  • Fantasy, Milkiss, Chinese Ink, Shiny, Vanilla Sky
  • Nostalgia, Spotlight, Aged, Snowflake

Pincam App Features

  • Edit as you record
  • 20 free filters to choose from
  • Video and Audio recording
  • Instant sharing to Facebook, Youtube and email
  • Edit existing videos
  • Simple and fast User Interface
  • Location tag
  • Portrait and Landscape mode

The Pincam app allows you to share directly from the app to all of your favorite social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter and via email! Sounds like fun, right?

One thing I really like about the app is that once you save your videos and photos to the Pincam gallery, it saves them with the date and location information right there! Most of the apps that I have used in the past don’t include the time or date information so I just kind of have to figure out when and where they were taken!

I love that Pincam includes that info!

The best part of the Pincam video and photo editing app? IT IS FREE! It is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad and requires iOS 5.0 or later.

You can download the Pincam app for iPhone here or through iTunes on your iPhone!

Inspirational Photo Quotes About Life

Do you ever just want to take a break from reality?

Just get in your car, crank the tunes and drive away?

Me too.

That’s not always an option, who am I kidding – that’s never an option.

So let’s take an imaginary diversion today.

I hope these inspirational photo quotes I created from a few recent travels help you feel like you got away, if even for a moment!

Laugh a Little: Facebook Funnies

I admit it, I am a total Facebook addict. I love being able to keep in touch with all of my friends that have moved away, family members that live across the country, and friends that I have made online through blogging on a daily basis.

Aside from the personal updates and random photos floating through my stream, I really love the comics that people share.

I know that I can always go to Facebook when I need a good laugh, so I wanted to share a few of the “Facebook Funnies” that I came across this week!

I probably laughed harder at that last one than I should have..because that would totally have been my answer too!

WW – Kayaking Blackriver in Myrtle Beach

You know what I love about traveling?

Exploring new places.

Like Blackriver in Myrtle Beach – well, in Socastee, which is just a short drive from Myrtle Beach.

While I was on the #MYR_60Days trip last week, I had the good fortune to be able to experience kayaking in the Black River, and this was my very favorite shot.

I am sooo happy that I decided to bring along my Sony Nex C3 in a Ziploc baggy! I think this was a once in a lifetime shot!


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A Week of Snapshots From Myrtle Beach, SC

I’ve just come home from spending a week in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina as part of the #MYR_60Days 60 Secrets of Myrtle Beach, SC Pinterest Promotion.

It’s going to take me a while to go through the 500+ Myrtle Beach photos and sort out the details of what I’d like to share with you, but in the meantime, consider this a little taste of what you have in store!

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina snapshots, photos

Ripley’s Aquarium – Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Myrtle Beach, SC South Carolina snapshots, photos

Sunrise outside the window of my Dunes vacation home in Gardens City

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina snapshots, photos

Brookgreen Gardens – The Largest Outdoor Sculpture Garden

Myrtle Beach, SC South Carolina snapshots, photos

Lots of long walks along Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach, SC South Carolina snapshots, photos

Crabbing on Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Myrtle Beach, SC South Carolina snapshots, photos

Kayaking with Blackriver Outdoors on the Black River

What did you do this week? Did I miss anything?