Wordless Wednesday: A Summer to Remember

angeline instagram

It’s not very often that Angeline and I take a trip by ourselves. After Chris stopped traveling every month for work, we stay home more often, or we travel as a family. We spent 14 days in Europe together and I was a bit afraid that what with her being a hormonal teenager, and my… 

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Travel Photography: Inspiring Moments Captured

inspirational photo quote about slowing down in life

You how much I love my photo quotes… Each time I am going through my photos from a trip, I find myself automatically attributing certain quotes to certain types of photos. For instance, each time I snap a picture of the sunlight bursting through the clouds, I think of the Beatles. Here Comes the Sun plays softly in… 

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Inspirational Photo Quotes About Life

quote about new beginnings

Do you ever just want to take a break from reality? Just get in your car, crank the tunes and drive away? Me too. That’s not always an option, who am I kidding – that’s never an option. So let’s take an imaginary diversion today. I hope these inspirational photo quotes I created from a… 

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Laugh a Little: Facebook Funnies

lolsotrue meme

I admit it, I am a total Facebook addict. I love being able to keep in touch with all of my friends that have moved away, family members that live across the country, and friends that I have made online through blogging on a daily basis. Aside from the personal updates and random photos floating… 

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WW – Kayaking Blackriver in Myrtle Beach

black river outdoors in myrtle beach

You know what I love about traveling? Exploring new places. Like Blackriver in Myrtle Beach – well, in Socastee, which is just a short drive from Myrtle Beach. While I was on the #MYR_60Days trip last week, I had the good fortune to be able to experience kayaking in the Black River, and this was… 

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