Mishaps in Blogging…DRINKALLTHEJUICE

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So, sometimes as a blogger, I receive requests from companies to send me products with the expectation that if I like them, I will include them in a blog post I am working on. Most of the time I just delete those emails because let’s face it, I get offered a lot of junk. Other [...]

10 Reasons I Secretly Wish I had a Daughter by @Mommys_Busy

When expecting parents are asked what they’re hoping for with their baby, the answers are usually pretty predictable. Sure, everyone wants a healthy baby first and foremost. But beyond that, most guys are hoping for a boy, and most women hoping for a little girl. Things may change up with the second and third go-rounds, [...]

Forget The Hint, Make a Suggestion!

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My husband, Chris, isn’t a very communicative person. While I am a total chatty Cathy, Chris is more quiet and reserved – even with me after 12 years of being together. As his birthday approaches each year, I always ask him what he wants to do for his birthday. His response is usually the same: [...]

I Love Shopping My Closet

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Do you guys remember this post I wrote about buying a super cute dress at Ross last summer, even though I couldn’t zip it? So, I had completely forgotten about the dress. I had stowed it away in the back up closet in our spare bedroom… Fast forward to today, as I am trying to find clothes [...]

Taco Bell Wants You to Laugh and LIVE MAS


You’ve probably seen me talking about my diet a lot lately. It has become such a huge part of my life – it’s been a change of lifestyle, not just a “diet” – that it’s hard not to! While I’ve been pretty good about following my list of allowed foods, that doesn’t mean that I [...]

Albert Einstein Wasn’t Expecting A World Full of Bloggers…


My father in law loves to send me email forwards, and sometimes they are pretty funny, or sweet. I received this one today and had to laugh, because I am totally guilty as charged…   Having coffee with friends… A day at the beach with friends… Cheering for your favorite team… Having dinner with friends… [...]