Mishaps in Blogging…DRINKALLTHEJUICE

So, sometimes as a blogger, I receive requests from companies to send me products with the expectation that if I like them, I will include them in a blog post I am working on. Most of the time I just delete those emails because let’s face it, I get offered a lot of junk. Other times, I receive offers for cool things, like these new LO Fruit Beverage drinks that are low calorie, low carb, low sugar. As you might recall, I don’t really drink soda and I don’t drink much juice because of the sugar content, so my beverage options are pretty limited.

One of the main selling points is that this is a low calorie drink but it’s also naturally naturally low on the glycemic index because it’s sweetened with Stevia instead of sugar. In addition to drinking as a regular drink, LO Fruit Beverages can be used to mix with Seltzer (which I drink a lot of), added to smoothies (which I drink every single day!) or mixed into a cocktail as a mixer. Check, check, check.

LO Fruit Beverage

So I received four complimentary bottles of LO Fruit Beverage right before Chris and I headed down to Key West for the weekend. Angeline had opened one of them and took a sip, but the flavor was too strong for her tastes. That was the pomegranate mojito – I tried it too and while it was too tart for me to drink as a regular drink, I thought it would taste great mixed into my morning smoothie.

So we left for Key West on Friday, and Angeline left after school with her friend to stay with their family in Key Largo. My little sister came over to house sit for us…

We had an awesome time in the Keys, maybe too much fun, because Angeline and I both came home sun-burnt after being out on the water all weekend!

Beaches in Key West

When I sat down to work Monday morning, I started going over my editorial calendar and tried to figure out which upcoming post I would include the LO Fruit Beverage in, or if I should make a smoothie with one of the flavors and write a recipe post and mention it. I went to the fridge to see which flavors I had (I usually drink a smoothie for breakfast or lunch and I was getting hungry)…this is what I found in the fridge:

LO Fruit Beverage


Do you notice anything strange? Disregard that box of Red Bull – those are Chris’s leftovers from our weekend cocktail mixers. I don’t touch that stuff with a ten foot pole!

I’ll tell you what is OFF about this photo…there’s only one LO Fruit Beverage in the fridge. There were four when I left Friday…

So, when my sister house sits for us, I always tell her to help herself to whatever she wants. Sometimes I even buy snacks for her for when she house sits for us.

I forgot to tell her that the juices were for my blog. 

The plus side to this is that at least someone drank them and liked them, right? I was sent the Mango Mojito, Pomegranate, Acai-Blue and the Pomegranate Mojito. The only one I drank was the Pomegranate Mojito, but my sister liked all of the other ones.

If you’d like to learn more about LO Fruit Beverage, check out the LO Fruit Beverage website – you can even order them online and get free Amazon Prime 2 day shipping!

If you are a blogger, do you ever have review items eaten before you have a chance to review them? I can’t be the only person this has ever happened to!

Silly Gifts for Men to Make the Holidays More Merry #HilariousHoliday

Content and/or other value provided by our partner, Target.

I don’t know about you, but I have a really hard time shopping for men when Christmas (or even birthdays) roll around. Why are men so dang hard to shop for?They easy way of dealing with the holiday shopping dilemma would be to just give gift cards to the men in your life, but seriously, where’s the fun in that?! Target has a great selection of cheeky and sometimes downright hilarious holiday gifts for men – and women too, of course!

Take these Target holiday flasks, for example. I think they make a great gifting option for guys!


Or these little bearded shot glasses – they’re so cute and silly, but really, they’re the perfect gift for that bachelor that loves to do shots with his buddies on a Friday night!

But I warn you, these mustache styles might give them a few ideas…they are by no means a style guide, okay? I don’t take any responsibility for what might happen to your man’s face, should you gift him these shot glasses!

3889There are so many fun gifting options for men, you can Go from “meh” to “merry” with @Target!

I am giving away a fun Target Holiday Flask in honor of all of the hilarious holiday products available at Target this holiday season. While I can’t guarantee that the winner will receive their gift by Christmas, it’s always nice to have a back up gift for family and friends that you don’t see until after the holidays – or to save for next year!

Hilarious Holiday Target Holiday Flask Giveaway

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10 Reasons I Secretly Wish I had a Daughter by @Mommys_Busy

When expecting parents are asked what they’re hoping for with their baby, the answers are usually pretty predictable.

Sure, everyone wants a healthy baby first and foremost. But beyond that, most guys are hoping for a boy, and most women hoping for a little girl. Things may change up with the second and third go-rounds, but in general, that seems to be the standard.

Does that mean I’m not happy with my two boys? You’ve got to be off your rocker if you think that. I couldn’t be happier with my little guys and wouldn’t wish anything different at all. Heck, I’ve even written about the reasons boys rock.

But… well, I have a secret. No, I’m not pregnant. See, sometimes, well, sometimes I wonder what it’d be like to have a daughter. Yeah, yeah, I know there are tons of big life moments no dad wants to deal with (bra shopping, tampons, dating her first guy), but there are some pretty cute moments that only a daughter can offer.

So for all you expecting dads out there who may be hoping for a son over a daughter, this post may just help you out. Here’s 10 Reasons I Secretly Wish I had a Daughter:

1. Disney Mania – Maybe it’s because my boys couldn’t care less about most things Disney, but personally, I love the Disney movies. I’m a big fan of Winnie the Pooh (and yes, Tigger too). It just seems to me that with all the Disney Princesses around, a daughter would easily fall into the Disney trap.

2. Tea, Hot. Earl Grey. – Nothing says civility like a good tea party. While we easily have over 100 stuffed animals in our house, the only time they get used is for a massive Super Smash Bros. type battle. It’d be nice to slow things down a bit and sip on some Earl Grey with Mr. Snuggles now and again.

3. Girl Scout Cookies! – Since the only way to get your grubby little paws on those Thin Mint cookies is through a girl scout, well, you need a daughter first for that one!

4. Daddy’s Little Girl – Come on, what dad doesn’t want to be wrapped around his daughter’s little finger? Let mommy be the “bad cop.” I have no problem being called a wuss for caving in every time my daughter’d bat her eyelashes at me.

5. Sweet Stuff – I can’t draw and I’m not that crafty. But I do love me some sweets. Cupcakes with loads of frosting, sprinkles, you name it. Sure my boys would love joining me in eating them, but helping to bake and decorate? Not a chance. So yes, I’m getting my sugar fix from a cupcake-decorating daughter.

6. Not Talking the Talk – As puberty sets in (or hopefully a bit before then), it’d definitely be time to have “The Talk” with the daughter. Seeing as how my body went through some very different changes, I’m guessing good ol’ mom would have to handle this talk. One less talk for this dad!

7. Finger Painting – Little girls love makeup, right? That includes painting fingernails. And I’m sure my daughter’d be asking her dad to get a makeover at some point. Not that I’m looking for one, but I love being goofy with my kids, so I’d totally let her polish my nails… as long as we had plenty of nail polish remover around!

8. Barbie’s Dream House – Believe me, nothing is cooler than playing with superheroes in a Fisher-Price Batcave. But even so, you gotta admit, Barbie’s Dream House is pretty rocking. Working lights, interactive sounds and three floors of awesomeness! I don’t think I could get away with buying this for my kids, but if I had a daughter, well then there’s the perfect excuse…

9. Hello Kitty – I’m a collector. It’s in my blood, I just can’t escape it. Seeing as there are umpteen million different Hello Kitty items for sale, I’d have a blast finding some rare, obscure items on eBay to surprise my little gal.

10. Blogtastic – Okay, this one’s completely selfish. Seeing as I have two boys, there are a ton of blogging opportunities (sponsored posts, reviews, giveaways) that are geared right at girls. For the most part I turn them down since I can’t really cover them properly. If I had a daughter, however…

What do you love about your daughter?


Andrew Kardon is the founder and editor-in-chief of Mommy’s Busy, Go Ask Daddy where he writes lovingly about his two awesome sons and one amazing wife. He’s also a regular contributor to Singlemommie.com where he writes about all sorts of parenting issues.

Forget The Hint, Make a Suggestion!

My husband, Chris, isn’t a very communicative person. While I am a total chatty Cathy, Chris is more quiet and reserved – even with me after 12 years of being together.

As his birthday approaches each year, I always ask him what he wants to do for his birthday. His response is usually the same: nothing. Having grown up in a home that was Jehovah’s Witness, he did not start having “a birthday” until he was an adult. It took a long time before he finally understood why I thought it was such a big deal to celebrate birthdays each year!

Of course, once he began having birthday parties – yes, we throw birthday parties for ourselves just like we do for Angeline – having special dinners, receiving presents and the like, he began to like the whole birthday thing.

While he still doesn’t usually want a big party, we always get together with the family or meet friends out at a bar for a little celebration.

And he always gets a present.

Some years I surprise him with something, like the year I bought him a Go Pro HD camera to mount on his bike when he rides Deal’s Gap. I think it was new rims last year – I know it was something expensive. ha!

I hadn’t even asked him what he wanted this year, because quite honestly, when he bought that hella expensive Agusta last year, he said it would be his gift for a while.

Chris had different ideas.

But, being the quiet guy that he is, he didn’t actually TELL me what he wanted for his birthday.

He emailed me.

That’s one thing I love about this man: there’s no beating around the bush.

I Love Shopping My Closet

Do you guys remember this post I wrote about buying a super cute dress at Ross last summer, even though I couldn’t zip it?

ross dress

So, I had completely forgotten about the dress. I had stowed it away in the back up closet in our spare bedroom…

Fast forward to today, as I am trying to find clothes that actually fit me for a press trip to Kissimmee, Florida on Thursday. I’ve lost 25 pounds to date and my usual wardrobe is (thankfully) entirely too big on me! I’ve been wearing sundresses or the same pair of jeans with different tees around the house because I don’t want to buy new clothes before I am done losing weight!

When I started rummaging through the spare closet looking for jeans from a few years ago when I weighed what I weigh now and I came across the dress.

What? You don’t save your clothes when you gain weight in the hopes that you might be able to wear them again one day? Don’t judge!

There the dress was, in its coral glory, neatly folded and waiting for me under my favorite pair of Guess jeans (they fit me again too!!). In August, 2012, I think I weighed about 145 then, and wearing a size 11 in jeans. I actually gained a little more weight after that, topping out at 152 in late October.

I tried the dress on…

I’m down to 125 now, and the dress fits like it was MADE for me!

photo (25)

So there’s the front, which looks totally adorable and perfect.

The back?

I zipped it up. LIKE A BOSS.

photo (26)

Now I want to go through all of my “old” clothes and see what else I can fit into!

It’s like free shopping in my own closet! This dress and a pair of $89 Guess jeans still had the price tags on them! I can continue to do this until I get down to my doctor’s goal weight for me, which is 115. I haven’t weighed that little since the early years of my marriage – and my early 20′s! I have NOTHING that will fit me at that weight, except for a few simple sun dresses.

I haven’t spent any money on myself (except for doctor’s appointments, one hair cut, gas and groceries – you know, the basics) since I got back from Brandcation the first weekend of October. So when I get down to my goal weight and find that nothing in my closet fits me?

I will unashamedly run my thin behind to the mall and go shopping.

Note to self: start saving for this shopping spree!

Taco Bell Wants You to Laugh and LIVE MAS

You’ve probably seen me talking about my diet a lot lately. It has become such a huge part of my life – it’s been a change of lifestyle, not just a “diet” – that it’s hard not to! While I’ve been pretty good about following my list of allowed foods, that doesn’t mean that I am able to cook every meal from scratch. And sometimes I cheat a little…hey, you only live once, right? Might as well LIVE MAS!

Yes, I eat fast food. Luckily for me (and the rest of the family), my diet is very friendly to most Mexican food, as I am allowed to eat lettuce, tomatoes, beans and salsa! You know what that means? I can eat Taco Bell. 

Taco Bell LIVE MAS

Which is totally awesome, because I happen to LOVE Taco Bell.

Ever since I was a teenager, I have loved Taco Bell. I was active in the church youth group as a teenager, and our youth pastor would take us to Taco Bell every Sunday night after church. I was less excited about the church part than I was about going to Taco Bell with my boyfriend, who happened to attend the same church. I wasn’t allowed to date at that age, so our trips to Taco Bell were the only time we got to see each other outside of church.

Let’s just say that I developed an appreciation of Taco Bell at an early age. I can still remember sitting around our Taco Bell, ordering .69 cent soft tacos and trying to sneak a kiss when the youth pastor wasn’t looking!

Through the years, I have continued to love Taco Bell. Especially during my barhopping and clubbing days, when my friends – and later on, my husband – and I would leave the bar or club and head straight to Taco Bell because it was the only place that was open that early in the morning! I have many memories of laughing on the car ride home because as my best friend tried to eat a hard taco, the lettuce would fall out all over her lap!

After I was married, Chris and I realized that Taco Bell was both of our favorite fast food restaurants – and before I left the workforce, we went through the Taco Bell drive through a few times a week. Angeline tried most of the things on the menu through the years before settling on her favorite, the beef soft taco.

So now that I have changed my eating habits and am trying to live a better, healthier life, when I think of fast food, I immediately think of Taco Bell. I can eat most of their tacos or other specialty items without feeling too guilty! Most of the menu items at Taco Bell are 500 calories and under, with plenty of options for things under 400 calories. And their taco salad? YUM.

Taco Bell LIVE MAS

This is how Taco Bell helps me to LIVE MAS.

What “LIVE MÁS” mean? It means LIVE MORE. I like to interpret it as living more, living better, living happier, living a fuller life. Because you know what I always say…you only live once. No offense to those who believe in reincarnation…

Taco Bell is going to give you a little taste of living MAS by unveiling this 60-second online teaser video in anticipation of its Super Bowl commercial.  The LIVE MAS commercial is titled “Viva Young” and is scheduled to debut during the third quarter of the Super Bowl on 2/3/2013 on CBS.

We love watching the Super Bowl commercials so I am really looking forward to seeing the entire thing!

In this teaser, the main character, 87 year-old Bernie Goldblatt and his friends, take us all on an unforgettable night depicting that anyone at any age can LIVE MAS. The commercial will be set to the music of Taco Bell Feed the Beat artist and six-time GRAMMY Award nominee fun.’s “We Are Young,” which will be sung in Spanish. I am so excited to hear this song sang in Spanish!

The Taco Bell executives in charge of song selection obviously have great taste in music, because We Are Young is a fantastic song!

You can all find out more about Goldblatt through the online teaser that is being released on the brand’s YouTube channel entitled “Grandpa Goes Wild.”  The teaser shows Goldblatt sneaking his suped-up motorized scooter into a football stadium to let loose, do some tricks like making “donuts” on the field, knocking over water coolers, yardage signs and a tackling dummy, all while escaping from security.  The teaser gives consumers a deeper look into the LIVE MAS personality of the Taco Bell’s Super Bowl spot’s main character.

Of course, it’s not all about hilarious Taco Bell YouTube videos, Taco Bell really wants us to all LIVE MAS! Taco Bell encourages customers to LIVE MAS, not just through their extensive menu with new items constantly being added, but in socially conscious ways like Taco Bells’ Feed the Beat music program and their nonprofit organization, the Taco Bell Foundation for Teens.

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Albert Einstein Wasn’t Expecting A World Full of Bloggers…

My father in law loves to send me email forwards, and sometimes they are pretty funny, or sweet. I received this one today and had to laugh, because I am totally guilty as charged…



Having coffee with friends…


A day at the beach with friends…


Cheering for your favorite team…


Having dinner with friends…


A romantic date night out…


Chatting with your best friend…


Going to a museum…


Seeing the sights of a new city…


Hey, maybe they’re not idiots.

Maybe they’re all bloggers!


Endust, Start Living – Like the Dustersons!

I don’t know about you, but with all of the stress of everyday life, preparing for the holidays and getting ready to entertain, I could really use a laugh right about now! I watched this hilarious – and a little saucy – video about Doug and Debbie Dusterson, the new IT couple of Endust…kind of.

You see, Endust came up with this great series of spoof videos, and Doug and Debbie Dusterson are the first couple to shake things up…and dust them off!

You can watch the first Endust video here too. And make sure to check back often because Endust will be adding new videos over the course of the next few months!

Right now, Endust has a great $2 off coupon available, you just have to watch the Dusterson’s video, and then either share with your friends on Twitter or Facebook, then you can download a coupon to save $2 on Endust!

Give your friends a good laugh and save $2.00! It’s win-win! Of course, you can also just receive a $1 off Endust coupon just for watching the video, no need to share if you don’t want to!

We love Endust around here, even Angeline uses it – just not in the way the Dustersons do! With 3 dogs and a fluctuating amount of cats and kittens, we actually have to dust the house on a weekly basis. Without Endust, our house would be a dusty mess! I love the way Endust leaves my furniture clean and shiny,and Angeline really loves the fresh, clean scent!

I am still giggling thinking about Doug and Debbie Dusterson…I would probably have a better chance of getting Chris to help me dust if I followed Debbie’s lead!


You can also share this hilarious video with your friends through this link!

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Holiday Gift Ideas for Cat Lovers

I have my Facebook set up to notify me when someone wants to tag me in a photo or status, mostly avoid those embarrassing family photos or incredibly inappropriate party pics.

So nothing ever appears on my Facebook wall unless I approve it and it’s pretty awesome.

Last night, I received a notification that a friend tagged me in a status and when I went to check it out, this is what I found:

Um, yep, there’s no sense in denying it, that’s pretty much me!

Thank you to the Laughing at Cats Facebook page for the laughs!

Crazy Cat Lady Stories: The Kitten Obsessed with a Dog

If you follow me on Instragram or like my Facebook page, then you probably know all about Gizmo and Tarzan, the kittens I wanted to adopt from the Humane Society, and how sick they’ve been the past few weeks.

Also, if you’re not following me on Instagram, you should probably fix that right now. I’m TheRebelChick, duh.

I’ll wait.

Okay, where was I?

That’s right, the kittens.

The girl’s name was Jessica but we decided to call her Jane. Jane didn’t quite fit her personality, so we started calling her baby because she was incredibly tiny, and being so sick, she cried at me to hold her constantly. As she started to get a little better, Angeline started telling me that she looked like a Gremlin, and that coupled with the weird Mogwai-type sounds she made led to me calling her Gizmo.

Anyway, when Gizmo was really sick, she developed this fixation on Foxy. She followed her around everywhere, it was the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen! Keep in mind, Gizmo was a 5 week old kitten, weighing about 1 pound (even less than 1 pound when she was really, really sick) and Foxy is an eight year old Alaskan Malamute who weighs over 100 pounds!

I had to share some of the photos, but be beware: you are about to experience an overload of cuteness!

The funniest part of it all is that when Gizmo started feeling a little better and was eating again and put on weight, she lost interest in Foxy!

I had to take Gizmo back to the Humane Society on Saturday because her diarrhea came back with a vengeance  even though she was still being medicated. I still want to adopt her (I didn’t put up with a kitten with anal leakage for over a week for nothing, know what I mean?) but I have to wait until they figure out what is wrong with her and treat her.

Keep your fingers crossed for me that she ends up being okay!