Mishaps in Blogging…DRINKALLTHEJUICE

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So, sometimes as a blogger, I receive requests from companies to send me products with the expectation that if I like them, I will include them in a blog post I am working on. Most of the time I just delete those emails because let’s face it, I get offered a lot of junk. Other [...]

10 Reasons I Secretly Wish I had a Daughter by @Mommys_Busy

When expecting parents are asked what they’re hoping for with their baby, the answers are usually pretty predictable. Sure, everyone wants a healthy baby first and foremost. But beyond that, most guys are hoping for a boy, and most women hoping for a little girl. Things may change up with the second and third go-rounds, [...]

Forget The Hint, Make a Suggestion!

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My husband, Chris, isn’t a very communicative person. While I am a total chatty Cathy, Chris is more quiet and reserved – even with me after 12 years of being together. As his birthday approaches each year, I always ask him what he wants to do for his birthday. His response is usually the same: [...]

I Love Shopping My Closet

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Do you guys remember this post I wrote about buying a super cute dress at Ross last summer, even though I couldn’t zip it? So, I had completely forgotten about the dress. I had stowed it away in the back up closet in our spare bedroom… Fast forward to today, as I am trying to find clothes [...]

Taco Bell Wants You to Laugh and LIVE MAS


You’ve probably seen me talking about my diet a lot lately. It has become such a huge part of my life – it’s been a change of lifestyle, not just a “diet” – that it’s hard not to! While I’ve been pretty good about following my list of allowed foods, that doesn’t mean that I [...]

Albert Einstein Wasn’t Expecting A World Full of Bloggers…


My father in law loves to send me email forwards, and sometimes they are pretty funny, or sweet. I received this one today and had to laugh, because I am totally guilty as charged…   Having coffee with friends… A day at the beach with friends… Cheering for your favorite team… Having dinner with friends… [...]

Endust, Start Living – Like the Dustersons!

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I don’t know about you, but with all of the stress of everyday life, preparing for the holidays and getting ready to entertain, I could really use a laugh right about now! I watched this hilarious – and a little saucy – video about Doug and Debbie Dusterson, the new IT couple of Endust…kind of. You [...]

Holiday Gift Ideas for Cat Lovers

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I have my Facebook set up to notify me when someone wants to tag me in a photo or status, mostly avoid those embarrassing family photos or incredibly inappropriate party pics. So nothing ever appears on my Facebook wall unless I approve it and it’s pretty awesome. Last night, I received a notification that a friend tagged [...]

Crazy Cat Lady Stories: The Kitten Obsessed with a Dog


If you follow me on Instragram or like my Facebook page, then you probably know all about Gizmo and Tarzan, the kittens I wanted to adopt from the Humane Society, and how sick they’ve been the past few weeks. Also, if you’re not following me on Instagram, you should probably fix that right now. I’m [...]