bailey dog as a puppy

How Bailey got his not-so-Scotish name…

I like to think of myself as an intelligent person…but sometimes I have my DOH! moments when I really embarrass myself. In January of 2009, my husband and I went on a couples weekend away to Key West with some of our best friends. As we walked down Duval Street, we passed a pet store…

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Topic-less Tuesday…Stupid stuff my cat does.

Due to a lack of creativity this week, I’ve decided to inundate you with photos of my furry friends. This, my friends, is the world’s stupidest cat. This is Luna, and beneath Luna? Our Colombian Red Tail Boa Constrictor. On top of the mess screen on her cage is Luna’s utmost favorite place to nap.


Guinea Pigs Traumatized Me For Life!

This post is in response to this week’s prompt at The Red Dress Club. We were asked to write about our memories from either Kindergarten or First Grade. * * * * * * My memories of my childhood are a bit scattered, a bit faded, and some have been completely erased by time. I…

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