Flonase 1

A Peek Inside My Travel Beauty Bag with Flonase Sensimist #SensimistAtCVS #BeGreater

Disclosure: I’m proud to be working with CVS Pharmacy to help spread the word about how to #BeGreater with #SensimistAtCVS. All opinions expressed are my own, and all product claims or program details shared should be verified at CVS.com or with the appropriate manufacturers. When you’re a curly-haired, 30 something woman with a penchant for allergies, your…

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Décor Like No Other

Everyone’s always looking for a new way to stand out. This comes in many incarnations, from a new haircut to some merch you picked up at a concert for your bedroom. To constantly seek the newest ways to creatively express yourself—give yourself your own look, your own “aesthetic”—is what it means to be human. There…

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