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iPhone4 = Happiness

Yesterday was the first day you were able to purchase Apple’s new creation, the iPhone4, in stores. My husband and I had reservations, thankfully. That didn’t save us from a 3 hour long wait. Think that’s bad? The group of people behind us, who did not secure a reservation, were in line for 12 hours….

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Love 101

Since the beginning of time, with the creation of heart shaped candies, lipstick kiss sealed envelopes and sideways glances, there has been nothing quite so romantic as the concept of a soul mate. The idea that there is someone out there in the great big universe who has the ability to fill the cracks deep…

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A Young Cheston Little

I Havent Forgotten You

Yesterday was the 2nd anniversary of Angeline’s father’s death. His suicide. I’ve been avoiding thinking about it. Today my plans for avoidance were thwarted by one of his friends who contacted me on Myspace.com with a simple “Hi, how are you?” I knew this blog post was coming. I knew it, and I turned my…

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A Work In Progress

I mentioned to my husband a while back that my website was a work in progress. I meant it to mean that I hadn’t quite found the exact look I was going for, and was constantly reorganizing or adding in plug-ins on what seemed like a daily basis…he said that every website is a work…

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no passing zone

Just Desserts

The road to hell is paved with good intentions, someone said. What about the road paved with bad intentions? Where does that lead? Is there a special place for people who intentionally hurt others? Is there a deeper, darker pit in that supposed hell for those who purposely rip out the hearts of the innocents?…

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Unemployment Blahs

I just applied for a work-from-home business opportunity that I have heard very good things about. There are four steps to the application process: personality testing, customer service call simulation, mathematical problems testing, and then…a telephone message. You have to call their number, leave a message introducing yourself and outlining your work history (basically, read…

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