candy corn martini

An Adult Halloween Treat…the Candy Corn Cocktail

My friend runs a fantastic bartending company in South Florida, Miami Bartender Babe. They offer bartender services, event staff & cocktail catering for weddings, private parties & events, so if you live in South Florida, definitely check them out for your next get-together! She has been posting recipes for Halloween-inspired alcoholic drinks this week on…

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appleton estate

An Ode to Appleton Estate Jamaican Rum

It is true what they say, that some things get better with age. Appleton Estate Jamaican Rum has been made in Jamaica for 260 years – that’s right, 260 years, and it shows in their exceptional rum! Appleton Estate has been creating rum in the Nassau Valley since 1749…it’s no wonder they have achieved perfection! I happen to…

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6 Spooky Snacks for Your Halloween Party!

BRING ON THE HALLOWEEN! I have all of my decor for Halloween, but it’s time to start getting the goodies ready for our Halloween Horror Movie Night – that’s when I invite my entire family over to eat spooky goodies and watch scary movies. It’s a tradition in my family! The last time I hosted,…

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Have you heard about

Every once in a while, I get an email that makes me giggle. I opened my email earlier in the week and found some in my inbox regarding “Foodiacs” and their Back to the Roots campaign. Foodiacs? I immediately thought of the Animaniacs cartoon from my teenager years. I had to know more! I was…

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