Can you help me find this dress?

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Alrighty, Internet. I need your help. See, I saw this dress on a website I frequent for inspiration,

I wanted that dress. I mean, I thought about it for days. That v-neck, that full skirt! The piping! The empire waist…the darting at the chest, the tiny blue buttons! The warm and inviting blue, the pink and mauve, oh how lovely that would look against my skin! I WANTED that dress badly. I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

But, you see, that’s the downside to seeing a gorgeous picture online – I have no idea where it came from. I can see that there is a tiny little black label sticking out of the top of the neckline, but it’s turned up so I can’t see any logo or writing. There is simply no way for me to know who makes this dress, or where I can buy it. So I let it go.

Then, a week or two later, I see this on a completely different and unrelated website.

It’s the exact same dress. This is the bottom of the exact same dress. It might be a little out of focus, but it’s the same dress.

At this point, I am pissed. This item must come from a mainstream clothing line for two completely separate websites to have two separate photographs of this dress. I mean, come on now. The Internet is just rubbing it in my face at this point.

So I begin internet-stalking this dress. Literally. I go back through hundreds of URLs, following the reblogging of these two separate photos, thinking that at some point, the original is going to be on a mass retailer’s website, or maybe a little boutique blog. Something. Anything.

I found nothing. And it is driving me completely insane. So I had an idea while I was sitting in the passport office at the government building today, thinking about how beautiful I would look in that awesome dress and my adorable little gold kitten heels while strolling the cafes in Toronto this summer (I was getting my passport in order to be able to visit some friends in Canada this summer)…

Why not put out an APB on the Internet? I belong to quite a few social networks. I belong to a few forums. I have a lot of friends, “in real life” and through the internet. SOMEONE is bound to know where this dress came from!

So, please, if you know where I can find this dress, hook a sister up!

* My good friend Nicole over found the dress! It’s a Lucca Couture exclusive, made for Urban Now I’m off to scour Ebay! THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone that helped me search for it! I love you guys!

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    • therebelchick says

      Wow, ShopRuche is awesome! Haven’t found it yet…but thanks so much for everyone that is helping!
      A friend tracked down the source of the second photo and I messaged the woman who originally posted the photo but haven’t heard back yet…fingers crossed!

  1. says

    my best guess would be if its retro remake, to try rockabilly, stop staring, bettie page clothing. If its just a cute sundress, try Ruby Rox, XOXO.

  2. Tracy says

    Start looking on It has every designer possible out there. Plus where have you looked before?

    • therebelchick says

      This fab dress is by Lucca Couture, made for Urban Outfitters. It’s no longer being sold but I am already searching Ebay!! :)

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