Budgeting Tips That Keep Everyone Happy!

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Now that the spend-happy holidays are over, it’s time to get our finances back on track!

I have always handled the finances in our family, as my husband would rather do anything other than balance a checkbook. Honestly, I hate balancing the checkbook too, but someone has to do it!

A few years ago, when my credit card debt was really high, I became so overwhelmed with the interest rates and rising balances that it quickly spiraled out of control.  I had heard about credit card consolidating services but I didn’t know exactly how they worked, so I ended up doing what I always do: I ran a quick Google search!

I ultimately felt that CareOne Debt Relief Services offered the best bill consolidation options for me – they offered a few different debt relief options.

I opted to go with the debt management plan, which actually saved me about $500 a month – I am not even kidding! It took me a little over three years to pay off roughly $30,000. If I had tried to pay them on my own at full interest, it would have taken me around 15 years and thousands more in interest charges!

My experience with CareOne Debt Relief Services taught me how to budget, and I learned quite a few ways to save money and cut costs around the house in order to avoid falling into a huge amount of debt again.

Of course we still have debt (like our mortgage, car payments and home improvement loans), but it is completely manageable and we try to use cash whenever possible. Our credit card debts are actually pretty low right now and I plan to keep it that way!

I really love to travel, and my daughter loves shopping – she’s a teenager, after all – and the only way we are able to keep everyone happy doing the things we love is to keep practicing the budgeting tips I learned when on the CareOne Debt Relief Services planI’.

  • Only eat at restaurants on special occasions – Homemade is healthier and LESS EXPENSIVE!
  • Never, ever, ever pay full price for new clothes and shoes – always shop the sale and clearance racks first!
  • Do you really need premium cable? We have a lower-priced cable plan and only have Showtime when Dexter is airing!
  • Write down everything. And I mean everything! If I splurge and buy Dunkin Donuts for breakfast, then I keep that receipt in my purse to remind myself that I can not splurge on anything else. I have a certain amount of “spending money” each month and I try really hard not to go over that amount.
  • Cut corners in your entertainment – rent movies instead of going to the theater, Redbox and Blockbuster express are only $1
  • Cut back your cell phone plan if you aren’t locked into a contract – use free apps for texting and save up to $20 a month!
  • Instead of going out to dinner, a bar or club, party at home – we rarely go out anymore, instead, we opt to go to a friend’s house and BBQ or do a potluck dinner and bring our own alcohol from home. It saves us a ton and we still get to socialize!

If your credit card interest rates are high and you find yourself struggling to keep up with the minimum payments, making the decision to consolidate your debts can take a weight off your shoulders and put you back onto the road to financial freedom.

As a past customer, I know that the providers of CareOne Debt Relief Services emphasize the importance of making smart budgeting decisions to provide consumers like myself with the confidence to manage my money successfully.


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