Back to School is a whole different story for teenagers…

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During the few weeks leading up to the back-to-school rush, I felt pretty confident that we had taken care of all of my daughter’s back to school needs.

Unfortunately, back to school shopping is a whole different ballgame when you have teenagers. Thank god I only have one!

First it was the school uniform fiasco…my daughter claimed to have outgrown all of last year’s uniform pants. So I bought her the same pants, in the next size up, from Amazon. She told me that they fit once they arrived. Of course, the week before school began, she came to me, hysterically crying that they didn’t fit. We made a last minute run to the uniform shop in the mall and bought her 5 new pairs. Then I had to return the ones I bought on Amazon.

Do you know what she wore to school the first day? Her old uniform pants. She said the new ones were too big and she didn’t like them. Ugh. Teenagers!

As the first day of school approached, I realized I was unprepared for supplies that aren’t normally involved in back to school shopping…she was out of razors and shaving cream! This was her first year of having a PE class and she was terrified that she was going to have to run laps on the first day of school with hairy legs.

So I stocked up on Schick Quattro for women razors and Skintimate shaving cream, not only for the house, but for her locker in the PE class as well. We buy Schick Quattro razors and the Skintimate line of skin therapy shaving cream because my daughter and I both have sensitive skin, and very stubborn hair…that combination often leaves us with razor burn, especially for my daughter. I have had laser hair removal and don’t have very much hair left, but my daughter is just beginning to shave and I think we can all relate to the drama of being a first time shaver!

Luckily for me, the good people at Schick sent me some samples and gave me some pointers to help make shaving less stressful for my daughter during this new school year. Since she has a PE class three times a week, she is going to have to keep her legs shaved and we want this to be as painless as possible!

  • Keep skin relaxed while shaving. In places where hair grows in different directions and in hard-to-reach areas, pull the skin slightly, making it more taut so that it’s easier to shave.
  • Avoid razor burn by shaving in the direction of hair growth on legs, upwards or downwards on the underarm, and against the grain on the bikini area.
  • Shave at night and apply lotion afterwards, so that sensitive skin can recover during the night.
  •  Since the warm moisture of a shower makes hairs soft and opens your pores, shave at the very end of your shower!
We love Schick because they have great products! They are one of the only brands that I see regularly offers coupons to their consumers in the Sunday paper, online and promotions through their Facebook page. Check out the Skintimate website – if you sign up for their email, they’ll send you cool stuff like coupons and free goodies!
Buying my daughter’s shaving products was the least of my concerns…after the first day of school, I found out that all of the school supplies I bought were the wrong color. Since when do schools require certain colors for certain subjects? I am so sick of duotang folders, I can’t even begin to tell you what a mission it was to find 6 of them – with pockets, of course – in the colors they required. I can’t wait until she starts driving in two years and I can send her out on her own back to school shopping trips!

*I received a media sample, but all opinions are my own. I honestly think Schick and Skintimate rock!

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    My teen son likes to spring last minute catastrophes on me too. No son, we cannot get your hair cut at 11pm at night so you can look cool tomorrow.. derrr! My almost 11yo is just entering the shaving years of life, I’ve been letting her use my electric shaver but she is already complaining that it doesn’t work well, I think I’ll be buying her razors very soon.

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