Hanging in the Balance

Watch your step, People are watching. Careful, calculating… All it takes is one slip, one misstep And the entire empire crumbles. Be careful. Watch yourself. Keep your eyes peeled. Who’s coming? Who’s behind you? Every handshake, every smile – it all means something else.

Memorial Day Weekend Festivities

Another holiday weekend is upon us… How am I celebrating? Well, I’m not celebrating, not really anyway. I’m letting everyone else have fun this weekend. I’m just orchestrating the festivities. My husband went off to Deals Gap in Robbinsville, NC, with my dad for a weekend motorcycle riding trip, leaving me alone with our 12…

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Thought for the Day…

There’s something to be said for Hope. For perseverance,  for second chances… No matter where you began, no matter where you are now, You can still end up where you wanted to be.

Back to the Drawing Board

I’ve been working on this blog for over a month. Well, I’ve been seriously working on it for that long, anyway. When I decided to start this blog (for those of you who don’t know me, this is my first blogging experience), I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to write about. I’ve been half…

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A Day Well Spent

I didn’t have much planned for today. I spent the majority of the morning working on fine-tuning my blog, working on a haiku and messing around on twitter. A friend – we’ll call her Sarah (wink, wink, Sarah) – called at noon to see if I wanted to catch up for lunch. Of course I…

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My maternal grandmother turned 70 this May. That’s a pretty big deal to me, as she is in ill health. Diabetes (which she doesn’t manage well) and a host of other minor illnesses and life experiences has left her languid, frail and a bit sad. I haven’t always gotten along well with my grandmother. As a…

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It Happens to the Best of Us

  When I grew up, I traded in my Doc Martens for high heels. I traded in my peroxide-induced copper streaks for long layers at the local salon. I donated my satchel with the Dr. Pepper patch, opting instead for Coach handbags in a colorful palette. I traded Social Distortion for Blink 182; shots of moonshine…

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