Happy Spring!

Today, March 20th, is the first day of spring. Unfortunately, there is no “spring” in Miami. I’ve always fancied the idea of flowers blooming, birds singing, putting away my coats and boots and such…but that just doesn’t happen here. I’m so jealous of my Northerner friends. I want seasons, damn it!   photo: weheartit.com

bird nest

The Kamikaze Pigeon

Yesterday, I decided I was going to plug in the saw and install our new pet door. Why did I install a pet door on an inside door of my home? It’s sort of a long story. Here’s the short version: we keep the dog’s water and the cat’s liter box in our utility room,…

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Why do we write?

When I was a young girl, I first discovered literature, then classic literature…and then at last, poetry. The right poem will change a person’s life. For me, that poem was the Charge of the Light Brigade by Sir Alfred Tennyson. I believe I was in the seventh or eight grade the first time I heard…

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Project 365, Week 8

I can’t find any photos from February 21 through 24. I was able to get a photo from the bachelorette party I attended on February 25, so that will just have to suffice.

Project 365, Week 9

              February 26: pedicure prior to my friend’s rehearsal dinner! February 27: The bride & I while we were getting ready for the wedding. I wish I had thought to ask someone to take a picture of my husband, my daughter and me, but I was so tired by…

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Project 365, Week 6

Still trying to catch up from getting that new phone…scouring my different apps & forums, looking for pictures that I posted during the missing times… Here’s week 6 of my Project 365 for 2011. Enjoy my mediocrity. I swear that I had some interesting things going on in that time frame but with losing my…

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February 2011

A Weekend of Wedding Festivities!

I met Patricia when we were both quite young. She was 12 and I was 17. Obviously, there was a big age gap and we did not become friends. She was literally a giggling school girl. At 17, I considered myself very much the anti-conformist bad ass and I wanted no part of giggling school…

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