poor bailey

The day I almost killed my dog

My day started out just like most; I was tired and groggy, feeding the dogs and letting them outside with my eyes half closed… Those of you who know me know that Bailey is my favorite pet. He is the light of my life. Ridiculous? Yes, but I don’t care. I adore him. Right now,…

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lentil soup

Recipe: Curried Lentil Soup with Chicken

For Christmas, a dear friend made me a “soup-in-a-jar” mix that she found on Foodnetwork.com. It was a beautiful presentation, but I was a little intimidated by it…I’ve never used Curry before, and I’ve only made a lentil dish once (and that was two months ago and I burned them)! I finally decided to make…

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When you need help, just ask

It seems that report cards will be sent home to parents shortly. Kiddo came home from school yesterday and immediately warned me that she may or may not be receiving three Cs on the upcoming report card. She wanted to know how much trouble she would be in. Firstly, let’s set the scene: she’s 13…

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A (very long) reflection on death

Most people rarely think about death. Most people go years, if not decades, without having to face the harsh reality that death is a part of life. I envy them that luxury. I think about death all of the time. I feel that I am on constant guard, waiting for the inevitable. Why? I have…

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jan 20

365 Project, Week 3

I know, I know. I am inundating y’all with posts this weekend. Sorry about that. I’m catching up before I fall too far behind. Here’s my week 3 for 365 Project. I only have 6 pictures because I accidentally included day 1 in last week’s collage. Be warned: may contain copious amount of puppy pictures……

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Seattle, Here I Come!

Those of you who know me know that I love 90’s grunge music. I pretty much love anything that came out of the 90’s. I’ve always had an interest in visiting Seattle and seeing it for myself: the laid-back vibe, the dreary weather, the music scene. I flew into Seattle in May of 2001 and…

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365 Project, Week 2

I’ve been snapping away, taking photos every day for my 365 project. However…I haven’t been as good as actually posting them as I have been at taking them…so here’s week 2. Jan 8: I went to a P90X class taught by a friend’s brother. I wore my Nikes. I think they actually laughed when I…

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Unimportant Rant

Spelling is my pet peeve. Well…one of my pet peeves. This is my blog, my personal venting space, and I pay for the hosting each month so I am going to rant about it here. Grammar, punctuation – those are all things that be played with a bit, in my eyes. But spelling is pretty…

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365 Project, Week 1

I decided to participate in 365 Project for the first time this year. Although I would by no means consider myself a photographer, I do love snapping shots with my various camera apps on my iphone4 and my nifty little handheld camera. To not bombard you all with posts every day, I am going to…

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