Just Another Manic Monday

Since leaving the Corporate world last March, my hatred of Mondays severely diminished. I actually sort of liked Mondays, to tell you the truth… Until now. It’s back. I officially hate Mondays. With a deep, burning passion. Why? Work. Work. Work. Monday is the day that hubs and kiddo run off to their prospective job…

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masage oil

My Own Personal Masseuse

I’ve always been easily stressed out. I’m just that sort of person, very easily worked up. I carry stress in my neck, shoulders and back. In the early days of my marriage, my aunt-in-law got me so upset that my neck became stiff to the point where I couldn’t turn my head. Luckily, my husband knows…

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Isolated pen

A Pig By Any Other Name

This post is in response to this week’s Little Red Writing Hood prompt over at The Red Dress Club. We were asked to write about sloth and I chose fiction! I’ll be honest and tell you that my inspiration was all of those Hoarders episodes I’ve watched! A roach scurried across the the floor, inches from…

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twin bed

We Are Finally Decorating the Guest Room!

It’s about that time again…my summer schedule is filling up and I’m planning road trips, parties, family events and house guests! We currently have a spare room that I use as my home office/guest room. I will spare you the photos, as it’s highly embarrassing how sparse the room is! We have odds and ends…

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Wordless Wednesday

I had an 80’s theme for my birthday party last week…this is my friend & I hamming it up for the camera. We were trying our best to “vogue” like Madonna!


Win a 5 pack of adorable greeting cards from Chirply.com!

I recently stumbled across this website, Chirply.com, while looking for greeting cards. Can we say adorable? Not only is their website design completely awesome, but what a concept! “Chirply is a community of artists and design lovers that want to make better stuff through better design! The community collectively decides what the best submitted designs are, and…

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I’m Not Ready To Give Up

I’ve written numerous posts about my struggle to overcome my nicotine addiction. It is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do – putting down those cigarettes. I began smoking at 15. To impress a boy. Because it was cool. Because I thought I was a bad ass. One day I just picked…

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