Can you help me find this dress?

Alrighty, Internet. I need your help. See, I saw this dress on a website I frequent for inspiration, WeHeartIt.com. I wanted that dress. I mean, I thought about it for days. That v-neck, that full skirt! The piping! The empire waist…the darting at the chest, the tiny blue buttons! The warm and inviting blue, the pink…

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Spring Celebration Announcements with Shutterfly

I’m getting pretty excited, guys! My 10th year wedding anniversary is July 27th! That’s right…10 YEARS of marriage! Last year, I decided to gather our wedding photos and create an anniversary photo books to commemorate the decade that my hubby and I have spent together. Only, there weren’t very many photos from our humble little chapel…

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The Thin Red Lines

I found out that I was pregnant when I was 18. I was in my senior year of high school and just turning 19 when those two red lines showed up on my home pregnancy test. In that moment, my hopes and dreams for the future came crashing down around me. It was as if those…

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What Time Is It?

After living in this house for 2 years and spending all of our spare time (and spare change!) remodeling and redecorating, my husband and I just came to the realization that we have no clocks in the house! Not one single clock in the entire house, aside from mu husband’s alarm clock that sits in…

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