365 Project, Week 2

I’ve been snapping away, taking photos every day for my 365 project. However…I haven’t been as good as actually posting them as I have been at taking them…so here’s week 2. Jan 8: I went to a P90X class taught by a friend’s brother. I wore my Nikes. I think they actually laughed when I…

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Unimportant Rant

Spelling is my pet peeve. Well…one of my pet peeves. This is my blog, my personal venting space, and I pay for the hosting each month so I am going to rant about it here. Grammar, punctuation – those are all things that be played with a bit, in my eyes. But spelling is pretty…

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365 Project, Week 1

I decided to participate in 365 Project for the first time this year. Although I would by no means consider myself a photographer, I do love snapping shots with my various camera apps on my iphone4 and my nifty little handheld camera. To not bombard you all with posts every day, I am going to…

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Adventures in Permitting

I spent three hours and 40 minutes at the Dade County Building Permitting office today. Not exactly the way I wanted to spend my Monday, but hey – you have to go what you have to do. And I absolutely HAD to do this. I have been dragging my feet on dealing with the county…

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2011 Already?

I always make New Year Resolutions. I am not a crazy-pin-them-on-the-wall type, but all the same, each New Year’s Eve, I go over a list of a few things I want to accomplish in the following year. I usually get them all done. Usually… This year, I want to get back in shape – I…

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2010: The Year My Life Changed

As another year comes to an end, I’ve been a bit introspective. More so than usual. 2010 was a year full of life changing decisions, tragedy, triumph and stalemate. I made the decision to leave my job of seven years. I worked for a good company, as far as Corporate America goes. I made a…

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Christmas Joy & Non-stop Baking

The last week was a whirlwind of travel, playing in the snow, baking, stuffing my face, seeing family, crying, and collapsing on the sofa. You know, the usual Christmas stuff! We spent a few days visiting my in-laws in New Mexico, which was fantastic. It snowed 18 inches in their town the night before our…

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I'm leaving the Marlboro Man

When I was a kid, there were still cigarette ads on television. All the fab movie stars smoked. My dad smoked. Smoking was cool. Yeah, I know it wasn’t “really” cool, but in my little-kid skewed vision of the world, it was freaking awesome. It was what the grown ups did. The Marlboro man did it,…

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The holidays as a SAHM

Christmas is right around the corner…the decorations are up, gifts are wrapped, the temperature has dropped…And this is my first Christmas as a “stay at home mom.” When I quit working this past April, I envisioned the upcoming summer and holiday breaks from school as an opportunity to spend time with my daughter like never…

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