Are You Monitoring Your Home Computer?

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This guest post is brought to you by Gecko Monitor

When your home computer is the hub of family activity, there may be a hundred reasons why you have your suspicions about inappropriate or dangerous use. Younger children may not be aware of the dangers of the internet. In fact, a recent study has shown that 28% of children between 10 and 17 have received an email or instant message from a stranger. What’s even more worrying is that 50% of that number have replied at least once.

Other suspicions may be more dubious. Hunches of adultery or inappropriate chat room use may warrant wanting to monitor your home computer, and while no one wants to ‘spy’ on someone they love it can sometimes be the only way to find out what’s going on behind closed doors. A misbehaving teenager may also be causing reason for concern. We all know that teenagers usually like to have their bedroom door closed, but when homework should be being done or too many games are being played it’s hard to know what’s really happening.

Of course, some activities could be more dangerous that simply not doing enough homework. Internet searches about drugs or something like self hard are obvious signs of a problem which, if you have suspicions, could be caught early before they develop.

Whatever the issue, there are ways of monitoring your home computer, or controlling website access in the first place. Whether you think monitoring computer use is appropriate, ethical or moral is of course a different issue and some people simply aren’t comfortable with it. That, obviously is up to you, and there’s no right or wrong answer to where the ‘moral grey line’ resides.

The good news is that monitoring software is available, and is now easy to set up and use, whatever your circumstance. Software like ‘Gecko Monitor’ can monitor and log all aspects of computer use including all keystrokes typed, applications used, websites visited, documents printed and files created, saved, opened or deleted. All of the reports will have the dates and times of each activity and monitoring software will usually take screenshots every X minutes or whenever a new window is opened or website is visited.

Monitoring software will also install and run in complete stealth, meaning the user interface is completely hidden and only retrievable with a secret key combination and password. The reports can be viewed on the computer itself, or emailed to you at a different location. All of the options are usually completely configurable, so you can tailor the monitoring to suit your needs.

If you’d like to download a free trial of ‘Gecko Monitor’ – monitoring software with all of the features mentioned, head to


While this post contains a paid link, I fully support the use on monitoring software – especially if you have children!

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