Are you a Warrior? I’m not.

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You may have noticed my lack of activity online the last week…I’ve been sick and staying away from the computer, because it’s been causing me to get migraines! I’ve been pretty much completely off the grid – just checking into Twitter and Facebook every now and then to complain about how crappy I feel. I’m afraid to even look at my Klout score. LOL

I started to feel a little tickle in my throat on Tuesday, and by the time I went to bed Tuesday night, I was having a hard time swallowing. Wednesday morning, I woke up with tonsils the size of golf balls. I finally woke up this morning – the following Tuesday – and felt a little better. I decided to go grocery shopping, to the post office, start decorating for Christmas…and then I found that a pipe had busted under my sink.

And it must have busted quite some time ago, because everything under my sink was covered in mold.

So I’ve been cleaning out my cabinet (we’re talking Lysol, Clorox, gloves, mask, etc) all morning.

Before I discovered the burst pipe, I planned on writing a post about my husband running the Warrior Dash this past Saturday. Now that I have the kitchen under control, I am determined to do at least one thing that I had planned for today!

If you haven’t heard about the Warrior Dash yet, don’t fret. I had never heard of it until my friend T asked me if my husband and I wanted to join her in doing it. At first, I was hopeful that I could do it…and then I saw the ten obstacles that are placed throughout the 3 mile race and quickly changed my mind.

I could run three miles. I may not run them as fast as everyone else, but I can definitely run three miles.

Run three miles and then leap over fire, climb a rock wall and then swim through mud?


So my husband, my friend T and two of her coworkers set out at 9 am sharp to begin the Warrior Dash. Our friend A and I went to the “holding cell” as I like to call it – the area with the food and drink, the live band and the cops. 

As a spectator, the Warrior Dash was entertaining enough to warrant the hour long drive to the grounds. Some people dressed in costumes…

Don't worry, I asked them permission to take this photo. They even posed. LOL

Some people took the race super, super serious and walked in with their game faces on, and then there was my husband and our friend – they were somewhere in the middle.

The only obstacle that I was actually able to see was the last one – the mud. It was hilarious watching people get through it. Some just dived right in and swam!

Some people avoided making full body contact with the mud pit at all costs. They tried to stay as clean as possible – and I can’t blame them!

It took my husband about 45 minutes to make it through the entire course. He was disappointed…while he was being a total gentleman and tried to stay with the group he was running with, he didn’t really push himself; he said he didn’t even breathe heavy! Our friends were right behind him and I think it’s safe to say that everyone was ready to hit the showers after that last obstacle course!

After the race, we all grabbed a beer and then headed home. I was still pretty sick and honestly, I wanted to pass out in the mud!

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  1. says

    I’ve never done one of these, but have always wanted to! I doubt I’d be good at it though. Anything involving me getting more than a couple of feet off the ground and I’d freeze up for sure. Congrats to the husband and friend on completing it!

  2. Tonisha says

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