And then there were two…with worms.

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My foster kitten has explosive diarrhea.

But more on that later. 

I think I am ready for a break in the whole kitten fostering business.

Kitten #1: Mary Poppins…perfect. We had her for a month and took her back to the Humane Society healthy and happy.

Kittens #2 & 3: Violet and Linda…weren’t litter box trained and had a horrible flea infestation and ringworms.

Kittens #4, 5 & 6: Yes, I took three this last time!

I think I am getting used to the whole flea business. I just give them a nice warm bath with Dawn detergent and that kills the fleas. Since our animals are all on flea and tick medication, there aren’t any other ways for the kittens to get fleas once I’ve killed the ones they brought into the house.

The litter box issues? I guess it’s to be expected. The kittens I’m fostering are so young, they either never had a littler box until they went to the Humane Society (most of them are feral kittens) or are just so young that they are still learning. I don’t mind it so much because we have wood laminate floors throughout most of the house, so it’s easy to clean up.

Last week, I got a call to bring Snow White (the big fluffy one) back to the Humane Society because they had already found her a home. I was so happy! That was the first time that they’d already found a home for one of my fosters before I even took her back.

I returned her last Thursday, and they asked for me to bring the other two, Hoover and Lucky, in on Monday for their vaccinations.

I took them in, everything went well, and then I drove home…

And then Hoover passed a roundworm.

This is Hoover. I’ve decided to spare you the sight of the roundworms in his litter box.

Mostly because I forgot to take a photo before I cleaned the litter box.

You’re welcome. 

The thing is that I had no qualms returning Snow White to the Humane Society. Unlike with Mary Poppins and Violet and Pebbles, I hadn’t grown attached because she wasn’t very affectionate.

And while Hoover and Lucky are totally adorable, I wasn’t too keen on them either, mostly because they kept using my husband’s PS3 as a make shift litter box every time I walked out of the living room.

Do you know how hard it is to clean cat poop out of a PS3?!

But now that Hoover isn’t feeling well, he’s become much more subdued and has taken to following me around the house like a puppy – to the point where I find myself tripping over him more often than not.

It might also be because I have felt bad for him and give him table scraps…

Angeline is already begging us to keep Lucky, which she has dubbed her baby, and now Hoover is starting to grow on me too…

Uh oh!

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  1. says

    You are official the patron saint of wayward cats and worms lol Seriously – you rock for doing this. I adopted two cats ONE time. They both died of lukemia in the first month :( I couldn’t bring myself to do it again.

    • says

      Yes it does! You just have to leave it on them for a few minutes while it kills the fleas, then wash them off. They get VERY sudsy! LOL

  2. says

    Aww, poor babies and poor you!! I know how awful it is to deal with worms. It is horrible. We have a stray cat now that I won’t bring in because I KNOW it will have worms. She is fine living outside and we feed her and love on her and think she will make a lovely outside cat! Next year we hope to get her fixed so she won’t over run our yard with any kittens!

    • says

      We have an outside cat like that too! Check with your local Humane Society or ASPCA, they often have specials where you can get an animal fixed for free! Our local Humane Society offers $15 spay and neuter services!

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