Am I The Only One Who Doesn’t Want an iPhone 5?

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I am usually the one in our house who has to have the latest version of the iPhone…except that when the new iPhone 5 was announced last year, I didn’t really feel the urge.

Yes, it looked awesome. Retina display, a better camera, faster processing speed…I know, I know. It’s a great phone. But my iPhone 4s is also pretty great – and it does everything I need it to do (and then some). I just didn’t see the need to upgrade.

Chris, on the other hand, never even upgraded to the iPhone 4s. He was still using the iPhone 4 that we spent three hours in line for back in 2010. When the iPhone 5 was announced, he was kind of “eh, whatever” about it as well. As our friends started getting it, he saw more and more how it was better than his iPhone 4 and slowly started changing his tune.

So he bought one last week. I’ve been listening to him play with Siri all weekend. I have had Siri in my iPhone 4s for over a year and have only used her a handful of times to write emails while I am driving! I mostly use my iPhone for social media, emailing, blog work and that kind of thing. I only have a few games on there, and only really play them when I am stuck on a flight without wifi. Chris has a ton of games on his iPhone and he is loving how much better they are on the iPhone 5.

So, of course after Chris got his iPhone 5, Angeline wanted an upgrade too. Poor thing has been using an iPhone 4 with only 8 gigs of storage since she broke her other phone last summer. Because she uses her iPhone mostly for music, movies and games, she has been struggling fitting everything she wants on 8 gigs!

She was asking for an iPod touch or MP3 player to put all of her music on, but when I started checking out the prices, it made more sense to just buy her the iPhone 5 with 32 gigs of space. This takes care of her storage needs, gives her a great new phone and now I don’t have to hear her complain about her crappy camera anymore either because the iPhone 5 pretty much covers it all!

So we have an iPhone 4 with 8 gigs and an iPhone 4 with 16 gigs…that we don’t need. At this point, all of our friends and family have iPhones so we don’t even know anyone who would want one of our old ones!

You know what that means, right? I am going to sell my iphones and put that money towards my Mediterranean cruise next month! I don’t have the boxes or any accessories for these iPhones, but I think I can still get at least $200 for them combined!

That’s a hotel room, or a few meals while I am in Italy!

What do you do with your old phones when you upgrade?

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  1. says

    I actually have an upgrade waiting, and for the first time ever, I am not in a huge rush to use it. I am still happy with my Iphone 4 and plan to keep it until the wheels fall off!

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