Actually, a lot of things taste better than skinny feels!

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I read an article online today about a U.S. based company that created a line of t shirts for children and babies. That’s right, I said children and babies. This is sickening.


In 2009, Kate Moss famously said “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.”

I call bullshit on this one. Obviously, this woman has never eaten Rocky Road ice cream, prime rib, chocolate cake, turkey BLT sandwiches, lasagna, strawberry milk shakes, twice baked potatoes, deep dish pizza – I could go on and on. I can not count the things that taste better than skinny feels. That list would circle the globe a few times over.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not, in any way, shape or form, advocating obesity. That is an entirely different disease and it is just as serious – actually, more serious because it is more widespread – as anorexia and bulimia. I struggled with anorexia as a teen and since becoming an adult, I struggle with the opposite – keeping the weight off. It’s as though, once I really allowed myself to enjoy eating…I just couldn’t stop. I’m not obese, but I am technically about 30 pounds over my ideal weight and I am trying to get that weight off in a safe and healthy way (through a healthy diet and exercise). But honestly? I really love food. It tastes good. Enjoying my meals is more important to me than being “skinny.” I’d rather be a little thick and be able to have pancakes for breakfast. And spaghetti for dinner. Because really, what’s the point of living if you can only eat salad and grilled chicken 24/7?

What I am trying to say is that this woman is full of crap. SHE GETS PAID A LOT OF MONEY TO BE SKINNY. She’s a freaking supermodel. If she eats and gains weight, she loses work. Of course being skinny is more important to her than enjoying her dinner.

Also? Let’s just face facts here. She’s a known drug user. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to do the math.

Famous SuperModel + N0 Eating + Indeterminate Amount of Cocaine = SKINNY.

No thanks, Kate.

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    I can think of a million things that taste better than skinny feels as well. You are right, these celebrities get paid to be skinny. Their job is to be attractive and skinny. So, they have the best trainers, nutritionists and cooks to tell them exactly what to do and what to eat. I often tell Matt, I could be as skinny as them if someone was paying me to do nothing else as well. lol

  2. says

    I don’t think we need to take the words of a crackhead who looks like a disaster today because of all those years of drugs, alcohol and hard partying (she said that when she was 19, right? Today when she’s not air-brushed, she is wrinkled and cellulite covered- she could use some fat to fill out those wrinkly knees and bony butt so she can get some modelling jobs again) but if they changed the word skinny to slender, I’d get it. To me, skinny is ugly, bones jutting out is ugly, but slender, slim, lean—it sounds healthy and attractive.

    Then again, Moss was skinny (bones and no muscles or tone) so again, what does she know? I don’t mean to be so hard on her, but she looks like a disaster, and she’s only about 36. If you only looked good in your teens and early 20’s, and couldn’t even maintain a healthy look past 27, what the heck do you know about beauty? We all looked great in our teens and early 20’s, I’d rather hear what a WOMAN of 30 something who looks great now has to say, not what a 19 year old who wasn’t hungry because she was taking drugs had to say.

    Wow, I sound mean. She was lovely in her youth, but if you want to look good, take advice from someone who aged well, that is the summary of it, lol.

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    Hear, hear!

    I hate the “example” Kate gives people. Skinny doesn’t equal “healthy.” Starvation doesn’t equal “good nutrition.”


  4. says

    The fact that they made these for kids is wrong.

    The statement itself doesn’t bother me, I actually kind of believe it in my own way. I’ve been 200 lbs and after losing 50, seriously nothing food-wise is worth gaining that back. It’s a catch-phrase, a motivator.


    The message is clearly wrong presented this way for children.

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    I grew up as a skinny kid…and I’m still relatively skinny…and sometimes it feels downright CRAPPY, especially when other kids make fun of you, or other adults ask you, to your face, if you have an eating disorder. Those shirts are just WRONG on so many levels!!!

  6. says

    Thank you for this post!! So very needed. The t-shirts are disgusting and I’m with you on the food thing. I adore cooking and eating food. I have had some real weight problems, but have recently started cooking and eating more healthily and the weight is coming off. There is a way to be healthy and enjoy good food. Moderation and a good exercise habit can allow for these things and are just plain healthy on their own.

    I’d love to know what company it is, because I feel a boycott coming on.

  7. says

    What a completely wrong message to be sending to young girls. Healthy is what matters. And whatever healthy means for your particular body shape that is what you should do. Some people are born to be a little bigger. Doesn’t mean that is wrong or they should be made to feel fat.


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