A Second Honeymoon in The Caribbean…

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It’s that time of year again…my wedding anniversary is coming up in July. This year? It will be our tenth anniversary.

10 years. WOW.

Last night, I threw my husband a going-away luau to celebrate the new job he begins on Monday. He will be traveling for this new job – he’ll be gone approximately two weeks out of every month. Lucky him, he will be travelling to Barbados, Martinique and Trinidad and Tobago. It could be worse, right?

One of our oldest and dearest friends came out to celebrate with us last night and we began talking about how we met. I actually met him before I met my husband, at this little dive bar we used to hang out at every week. We started talking about the good old times – you know those conversations always come up with old friends – and when he realized it had been ten years, he just couldn’t believe it. It’s been a decade. A decade of marriage.

The closer I get to that anniversary date, the larger it becomes. Lately, I have been thinking about it all the time. What it means to us as a couple. What it took to get us there. How much we’ve both grown and changed over the years. How much we’ve struggled to maintain our connection. How much I completely adore my husband.

Last year, during our anniversary dinner, we made the decision to renew our vows and have the wedding we didn’t the first time around. We were married at the courthouse and then had a small ceremony at my cousin’s church. I bought a dress in the prom section of JC Penney at the time. My mom bought a cake at Wal-mart. My parents wanted to throw me a big, beautiful wedding, and I didn’t want it. I’m just low-key and my husband is even more so. I was 23, he was 24…we were so young that we thought the ceremony didn’t matter. So we decided we were going to call a do over. We wanted all of our friends and family there – old and new – and we wanted it to be extravagant. But…as often happens in life, it just became unfeasible for us to do it this year. We have postponed it until next year, when my husband is able to take more vacation time and we are able to save more for the expenses. Luckily, we had already made this decision before he accepted this new job offer – he will likely be in the Caribbean during our anniversary!

So we need a new game plan! I want to fly down and meet the hubby in the Caribbean and spend out anniversary together in a tropical paradise. Sounds good, right?

I found this amazing Costa Rica Honeymoon package and I just fell in love with the resort the second I laid eyes on their website. It just oozes romance and serenity. Check out the bedroom in honeymoon villa!

Second Honeymoon in The Caribbean

Want a good laugh? For our first honeymoon, we spent ONE NIGHT in a swanky hotel in Asheville, North Carolina. Not romantic at all. We were so tired from the trip up there – a 12 hour drive – and the wedding, not to mention the family reunion the next day, that when we arrived at our hotel, we ordered room service and went to sleep. We got up early the next day and drove back to pick up my daughter and drive home!

This time, I want it to be different. To celebrate our 10th anniversary, we’ll have a second honeymoon. A real honeymoon. I was looking over the pictures online of the Red Palm Resort Villas in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica and they have everything I want in our second honeymoon. There are beautiful beaches, spa services, romantic dining…

Second Honeymoon in The Caribbean

I got a little teary eyed, thinking about how magical it would be!



photos courtesy of redpalmvillas.com

*I received compensation for this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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  1. says

    This sounds really familiar! LOL And congratulations on 10 yrs!! My hubby and I will be celebrating 9 years this July. I wanted to do a vow renewal and second honeymoon next year on our 10th. I’ve already bought the dress and looked up things to say during a vow renewal. We’re just gonna have a backyard bbq though. And maybe my husband and I will finally make it to NYC. The Red Palm Resort Villas look amazing! Thanks for sharing the website with us!~ And thanks for stopping by the S&R weekend hop!

    • says

      I already bought my dress for our vow renewal too! ha ha! We ended up pushing back the ceremony due to my husband’s new job, so I want an ALL OUT second honeymoon! :)

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