A Neat Freak’s Green Works Cleaning Products Review

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A few weeks ago, I received a shipment of cleaning supplies from Green Works. While I’ve seen this product line at my local grocery store for a while now, I didn’t really know that much about them. When my box arrived, I paid a quick visit to the Green Works website to find out more about each product, what made it “green” and how they should be used in my home.

I am always cleaning something in my home, whether it be the bathroom, the coffee tables or my kitchen. I just hate dirt! I blow through cleaning wipes like they’re going out of style, so of course Green Works Cleaning Wipes were the first thing I tried!

Green Works Cleaning Wipes –  I could practically clean my entire house with them! The Green Works Cleaning Wipes are 100% compostable, made from citric acid and wood fibers. They are safe to use on non-wood surfaces. I used them to wipe down my kitchen and bathroom counters and loved that I didn’t have to worry about any chemicals being left behind!

Green Works Laundry Detergent –  The dermatologist-tested formula is gentle on skin and formulated for both standard and high-efficiency (HE) washers, and I love that it is made without phosphates, optical brighteners or harsh chemical residue!

Green Works Bathroom Cleaner –  The bathroom cleaner is plant and mineral based, and actually has the power to clean up soap scum, rust and hard water stains — without the harsh chemical fumes and residue. I used this to clean my toilet, bathtub and sink (not in that order) and was pleased with the sparkling results! Everything in my bathroom is porcelain and the Green Works Bathroom Cleaner gave it a nice shine!

Green Works All Purpose Cleaner –  Safe to use on multiple surfaces throughout the kitchen and bathroom, the Green Works All Purpose Cleaner is 97% naturally derived, which means I don’t have to worry about any residue left behind for my family or pets! It’s safe to use on everything from your counters, appliances, stainless steel, sealed granite, chrome, cook top hoods, sinks and toilets. I have been using this on everything to cleaning my microwave, my glass stove top, to cleaning my baseboards – don’t ask, the dogs love to lay next to the baseboards when they are at their dirtiest!

I loved each product and am definitely going to continue using them in the future. If you haven’t used them yet, I highly recommend checking them out. It’s an easy way to make your house a little more green and they are about the same price as regular brand name household cleaners, so why not choose the green option?

I also recommend liking the Green Works Facebook page to stay on top of their promotions! Right now, you can even get a $1 off coupon when you sign up for the Green Works Community on their website!


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    We are switching over to only use natural cleaning products, this is one of the ones I do buy. A little secret, it is the only one that cleans stains out of my carpet too!

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