A Holiday Guide to Help Your Financial Well-Being this Holiday Season

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Financial well-being is an important part of the holiday season. When we get into the holiday spirit, it’s easy to forget our financial well-being and start spending like maniacs, totally ignoring the holiday budget we’ve set for ourselves. And while, it’s nice to see the faces of our loved ones when they open up that uber gift, I think we can all agree that they wouldn’t want us putting ourselves into the poor house to get it…


Focus on Financial Well-Being and What Really Matters

Financial well-being is about more than saving money or being frugal. Financial well-being is about remembering what really matters around the holidays. Sure, we can blow up a healthy portion of our savings to get the latest and greatest everything, but that’s not what the holidays are all about. Check out this holiday budget spreadsheet – it can REALLY help you stay on track with your spending this holiday season! While I used to go all-out for Angeline and my nieces and nephew during the holidays, I have had to put myself on a strict budget since my divorce began…everything is different in a one-income household, and the holidays are no exception!

Christmas 2010

See, the holidays aren’t about stuff. They’re about being together. They’re about love and friendship and seeing people we don’t get to see everyday. The holidays are about reconnecting and rejoicing, not bankrupting ourselves. It’s easy to lose sight of that when we get into the holiday frenzy, but we need to remember it.


Did you know that, according to the National Retail Federation, the average American planned to spend around $800.00 celebrating Hanukkah, Christmas, and/or Kwanzaa? That is A LOT of money. Sure, gifting is fun, but come on. I don’t think any of our loved ones want us to sacrifice our financial well-being just to give them a gift. That’s not what the holidays are all about.

What the Holidays Mean to Me

I have friends and family all over the place, so the holidays have always been about family for me. I don’t need a fancy present. I don’t need any presents, actually. What I need is a super loud house filled with people and all kinds of delicious food. I need a holiday that’s steeped in family, friends, and love. Frankly, if I want a new gadget or gizmo, I can go buy that myself any time of year.

Angeline and Jennifer

Make the Holidays Mean More

This year, instead of clamoring to get the latest and greatest whatever, make the holidays about family, friends, and financial well-being. The holidays should be about family, not amassing the biggest pile of swag. To that end, Suntrust has created a great holiday planning guide full of holiday resources and a Holiday Budget tool with a meaningful gift guide. These guides are meant to help us focus on what matters this holiday season – family and friends.

christmas 2010

With the commercialization of the holidays, it’s easy to fall into the shopping trap. This year, practice financial well-being and remember that it’s family and friends that make the holidays great – not stuff, stuff, and more stuff.

What are your holiday traditions? Do you try to remember your own financial well-being while buying gifts? How do you focus on what matters for the holidays? I’d love to hear from you, and don’t forget to check out the Suntrust Holiday Guide!

The holidays are for focusing on moments that matter. But for many Americans, financial stress can get in the way. This year, you can make small changes that make a big difference for your financial well-being.

In this holiday planning guide, you’ll find tips for getting organized and making a plan for holiday spending so you can feel confident in your ability to stay on track with your budget. You’ll see how other Americans are shopping, traveling, celebrating and giving in ways that make the holidays cost less, but mean more.

Download Guide

For more holiday planning advice visit  holiday resources

Meaningful spending made easy with a budgeting tool to help you make a plan and stay on track with your holiday spending.  Download here.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of SunTrust. The opinions and text are all mine.

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  1. Kristi says

    A great post with some excellent suggestions for this time of year. Holiday really about spending quality time and having experiences together. We even give used things to our kids and they don’t mind. It is not about stuff for us, now if only grandparents would understand that and quite buying junk.

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