80’s party outfit: neon colors, ripped jeans, big hair. Check, check check!

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I was born in 78, so the 80’s were a bit different for me than some of my friends – most of which are older than I am, and were actually teenagers during the 80’s. I was a kid. Yet I still remember those years fondly.

The jelly bracelets! The dangling, hoop earrings. The lip gloss. The Keds! The Converse! The oh la la Sasson jeans!

Oh…and the music. Oh, sweet, sweet 80’s music!

Is there really anything that compares to 80’s music? I think not. Like most decades, the 80’s saw quite a variety of music. On one hand, you had the bubble gum pop – Debbie Gibson, Tiffany, Madonna, Cyndi Lauper- then there was the rap, what was the beginning of the hip hop, R&B movement – and on the other side of the spectrum there was my personal favorite…rock. Not just any rock – GLAM ROCK.

Guns-n-Roses. Motley Crue. Aerosmith. Poison. Quiet Riot. Van Halen. Twisted Sister. On the softer side, we had Journey, Chicago, Europe, Foreigner, and the like.

Oh, the days of MTV, when it was fresh and new and if you had cable, that was THE channel you begged your parents to get…and every day, it was like all of your favorite bands were having a private concert, just for you in your very own living room.

My husband and I are going to an 80’s party Saturday night and I am already going through my closets, trying to piece together the perfect outfit. My blue eye shadow and bright pink blush is already out, waiting…

For my last 80’s party, I dressed just as I did when I was a kid in the 80’s – leggings, crop top, Converse, jelly bracelets and I totally rocked the side ponytail and hair-sprayed the hell out of my bangs.

For this party, I am heading towards the opposite end of the spectrum. I’m going all-out, 80’s big hair band glam rock.

I am thinking of wearing my Guess jeans that are so old and worn in that I’ve actually worn legitimate holes in them…and this cute tank top with a zipper running down the back…it’s perfect for the 80’s!

And accessories? Oh boy, do I have plenty of 80’s style accessories. If you don’t have any 80’s style jewelry, just go to your local mall – stores like Claires, 5-7-9 and even those little $5 and $10 boutiques have plenty of cheap, retro style jewelry! I bought these earrings at a store called Beya in our mall for $2, and the jelly bracelets were in the kid’s section – $1 for 8, so I bought two sets.


And this time? No sweet and innocent side pony tail. We’re talking big, teased 80’s bouffant.

Yes, I am serious. I have curly hair – very curly hair – so going 80’s glam rock is not a far stretch for me. All I have to do is brush out my curls. ha!

 This is how I actually wake up in the morning, so you can imagine that once I brush it out, it’s not hard to achieve the 80’s look.

80’s themed parties are all the rage right now, and I for one and seriously happy about that! The costumes are fun to create, the make up allows me to release my inner tackiness, and the photos? Well, they are all hilarious. My absolute favorite thing about 80’s parties is the great music! I have been known to dance along to Footloose a time or two…


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