6 Ways to Pamper Yourself During The Holiday Madness

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Like most people during the holiday season, I can get a little overwhelmed and worn out; there’s always so much to do! With the holiday shopping, gift wrapping, cooking, coordinating parties and preparing for events, it’s easy to forget to take time for yourself to revive and energize.

I thought it would be nice to share with others the little things I do for myself during the hectic holiday season that helps get me through with my sanity intact!

1. Give yourself a mani/pedi. 

While I find it inconvenient to go out to a salon to pamper myself, it can every bit as rewarding to take an hour our of your crazy week to prettify your fingers and toes. I especially love Essie nail polishes for doing my pedicures because the colors are so pretty and vibrant – and the polish lasts so long!


I recently received a few of Essie’s Winter Collection nail polishes, and I am sporting a pretty pedicure featuring their Cocktail Bling shade right now! I love how shiny and subtle it is – my toes look adorable peeking out of peep-toes heels!

Not only does Essie make for a great way to pamper yourself, but for an average retail price of $8, they make for excellent gifts! I know quite a few ladies who would love to find a bottle or two of Essie’s Winter Collection nail polishes at the bottom of their holiday stocking! You can purchase products online at Essie.com or at most local drug stores.

2. Spend 30 Minutes a Day Doing Nothing!

I know that it is easier said than done, but make a point to spend 30 minutes each day doing nothing – and when I say nothing, I mean no chores, no work, no laundry, no cooking…If you really think about it, this is quite easy to accomplish – 30 minutes isn’t really that long at all, but it will revive and relax you! Some ideas for sneaking that 30 minutes of relaxation into your day:

  • Take an extra-long bath or shower. Lock the bathroom door! Give your hair a deep conditioning mask or put on a facial mask and just sit in the shower or bath and relax. Read a book, listen to a few tunes…the point is to keep the world outside and mellow out.
  • Go for a walk alone – or walk your dogs. I find that one the most peaceful times of day for me is when I am walking my dogs. No headphones, no phone, no one to talk my ear off…I just walk the dogs, look up at the beautiful sky and I chill out.
  • Sit on your patio or porch and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. Sometimes I let the dogs out into the backyard and I just sit and watch them play while I enjoy the weather. It’s a great way to get lost in your thoughts!
3. Meet a Friend For Lunch!
We all know how busy our schedules can be during the holidays, and it is often hard to find the time to see our friends until after the new
year. I make a point to meet one of my friends once a week for lunch – I know it’s easier for me because I am not working outside the home, but you can do it too. Find a friend at work to go to lunch with, or meet a friend at a halfway point during your lunch hour. Chit chatting and catching up is a great way to break up a monotonous work day and to fit in time with your friends!
4. Go Window Shopping for Yourself!
During the holiday shopping season, I rarely buy anything for myself. I have a large family and any money I would normally spend spoiling myself goes to buying presents for the children in the family. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t take trips to the mall to walk around and look at all of the new fashions! Honestly, sometimes it is just as fun to try on new clothes and then walk out of the store with all of my money still in my pocket as it is to leave the store with a new dress and no cash. 
5. Make Exceptions in Your Diet!
Unless you are on a very, very strict diet, I recommend indulging in baked goods during the holiday season – in moderation, of course. I bake like crazy during the holidays, and it’s a nice little treat to be able to have a sample of what I’ve created. Baking for the holidays and not allowing yourself the satisfaction of tasting what you’ve made can make you miserable.
My tip for not going overboard is that whenever I bake something that isn’t for a party (that will be immediately consumed), I have one serving and then I take it to someone else’s house. My mother and sisters live very close, so they are the frequent recipients of new recipes that I’ve tried! I get to try a new recipe, enjoy a taste of what I’ve created, and then they get to enjoy it as well – it is a win-win situation!
6. Buy Yourself a Winter-Weather Accessory! 
Winter is the one time of year when you can buy yourself something adorable and wear it a thousand different ways. Of course I am talking about scarves!
Let me tell you a little about my new favorite scarf – the Donni Charm Karma scarf. Donni Charm Scarves are designed by Alyssa Wasko, and were inspired by the untimely death of her father – the charming Donny…she created the line of scarves in memory of his big hugs, and each scarf wraps around you like a loving embrace. It’s a truly beautiful sentiment and the Winter Collection of her scarves are just lovely.

The Donni Charm Karma scarf is made of two cotton jersey triangular fringe scarves that connect to create the reversible scarf. It is enhanced by their good luck design print on one side and solid on the other, two love knots, good luck charms and chain tassel. The good luck charms are wings, which are so pretty! The scarf measures 62 inches by 38 inches and is super soft, being made from 100% cotton jersey material. You can buy it online at DonniCharms website, and it retails at $99.

I hope that these suggestions help you have a marvelous holiday season. Do you have any particular ways that you pamper yourself during the holidays? I’d love to hear about them!
*I received samples from Essie Nail Polish and Donni Charms Scarves to review, but all opinions are my own!
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