6 Steps for the Perfect Valentine’s Day Doggy Makeover #VDayDoggyDate #LiquidPlumr

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It’s no secret that I’m living the single life lately, and as Valentine’s Day approaches, I can’t help but be more aware of that fact. Although, after last week’s disaster dates – yes, there were TWO OF THEM in which I stormed out of the restaurant – this years Valentine’s day date turned out to be a dog – two of them! No literally. Who better to be my date than (wo)man’s best friend?

toby dog

Not only are Bailey and Toby really excellent cuddle buddies, but they let me pick out my own gifts – which means that I’ll be getting exactly what I want this year. It’s chocolate and wine, by the way. Win-win all around. The only downside is that they’re probably the fluffiest dates I’ve ever had – and they take longer to get around than a woman. Shelties are known for their beautiful long manes, but as any woman with a great head of hair will tell you, it requires work and extensive upkeep. A regular grooming routine is a must, especially if they’re going to look their very best!


6 Steps for the perfect Valentine’s Day doggy makeover

  1. Shampoo and Condition
    I remember those puppy days when bathing the boys in the sink was an option – but they’ve long since outgrown the sink and I have to wash them in the tub. Make it easier on yourself and install a detachable spout! Always use lukewarm water so that you don’t burn your dog or dry out his skin.
  2. Towel Off and Blow Dry
    With these boys it’s always best to keep the towel within arm’s reach. Absorb excess water from the dog’s coat with a bath towel. I like to follow it up with a blow dry, with the air set to cool so that it can’t burn or dry out their skin. You have to brush long-haired dogs fur consistently while blow drying as it tangles easily, which is not only unpleasant for your pooch, but a pain in the butt because then you have to brush them even more!
  3. Brush Teeth
    Puppy breath is adorable, doggy breath not so much. You can clean your dog’s mouth with a dog toothbrush and dog-friendly toothpaste.
  4. Clean Ears and Eyes
    Ear pads and eye wipes are available almost anywhere that carries pet supplies. They’re easy to use and prevent you from going overboard with the product.
  5. Accessorize
    I don’t usually dress up my bets but special occasions call for pet friendly accessories.
  6. Clean Up
    You’re probably going to need a shower after it’s all said in done but your tub may need some TLC too. Did you know that pet hair is one of the main causes of clogged drains? When you have a dog that sheds during its bath, that hair can get trapped in the drains. Using Liquid-Plumr after bathing your pets can help fight clogs and prevent new ones from forming.


Full Clog Destroyer is effective on full clogs and slow drains, and will keep your pipes flowing freely with regular monthly use. Clogs don’t stand a chance! Liquid-Plumr Full Clog Destroyer’s thick gel destroys tough clogs, helps prevent new clogs from forming and keeps pipes smelling fresh. Both products are safe for all septic systems and pipes so you can use them without worry.


Even if pet hair isn’t your clog culprit this Valentine’s Day, Full Clog Destroyer will still help destroy and prevent clogs that form from your own date night grooming or the kitchen grease that comes from cooking a special Valentine’s dinner. After all, your hair can clog drains, too, as you get ready for the night! Check out Jess Rona’s video for tips on Valentine’s Day dog grooming here!

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