5 Things You Need for a Beach Getaway Weekend

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For some reason, 90% of my vacations are taken at the beach or in the mountains. Once, it was spent on a beach in the mountains (in Port of Spain, Trinidad), which continues to blow my mind to this day. I am not used to such a diverse landscape!

maracas bay beach trinidad beach getaway

This weekend, I am going to my first blogging event, Brandcation, in Pensacola Beach, on the Gulf Coast of Florida. I haven’t started packing yet…because I will only need a few things. I’ve got this whole packing for a weekend beach getaway thing down to a science.

5 things you need for a weekend beach getaway

1. Sunscreen…this is a given and I know it’s obvious…but sometimes you think you’ll just pick up a bottle at the hotel, drugstore etc…and find that the prices are jacked sky-high in touristy spots. If you’re checking baggage, I strongly suggest that you bring it with you. And even if it’s cloudy, wear it. No matter how cloudy it is, if you spend a day outdoors, you are going to get burnt!

2. Cute sandals. I hate flip flops are rarely wear them. I love sandals, however – you can wear a cute pair of sandals with practically anything; they can take you from the beach to shopping to a nice dinner. I don’t bother with heels when I am doing the tropical thing, it’s unnecessary and have you ever tried to walk in heels on the sand? It sucks. Don’t be that person that trips in the sand. 

3. Sundresses. Seriously. That’s all you need – maxi dresses, short sundresses, whatever…just keep it light, simple and loose.

4. Dude, bring a sunhat. I am all about feeling the sunshine on my cheeks and working on my tan. But a sun hat will not only save you from getting burned, but prevent that nasty headache that always shows up after too much time in the sun. Plus, it’s cute!

5. A great beach tote. I love tote bags…I probably have 10 of them stashed around the house. While I use them all of the time for everything from shopping to overnight bags, they must first gain my approval as a beach bag. You need one that has a pocket for your keys and cash (you don’t want to lose them in the sand, believe me) and is big enough for at least one beach towel, your book, and sunscreen. I just got this new Cuddly Monkey beach tote for my conference this weekend and it’s already become my new favorite!

cuddly monkey tote bag beach getaway

I love that it’s nice enough to use as a carry on while I travel too!

Bottom line is this: when you’re spending a weekend at the beach, you just want to be comfortable and cute. Leave the high maintenance at home – no matter how dressed up you get when you leave your hotel room, you’re going to sweat and get covered in sand the second you step on the beach.

Just have fun!

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  1. Mihaela Fras says

    Hi, the last summer I went to the sea only with swimming suit and my printed towel. But this was extreme situation. Otherwise I have something like tow suitcases.

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