5 Things That Aggravated Me This Week

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I know what you’re thinking: “It’s only Wednesday, how can she have five things that have pissed her off already?”

Well, sometimes an entire week of crapiness can somehow be crammed into three days.

It’s true.

So here goes…


1. After giving all three dogs a very good bath, it rains for almost two days straight. After it hasn’t rained in MONTHS. Now my clean dogs smell like a teenage boy’s moldy gym socks. Ew. Oh yeah, and I get to mop the entire house twice a day to keep up with the dirt and mud they are tracking in. Joy!

2. My nail polish is already starting to chip. I know, I know, this shouldn’t aggravate me, but it does. I got a gelish manicure for the first time on Friday, and paid $25 to have it done. My manicurist said it should last two weeks. Nope. No such luck, the edges are already starting to wear thin and I see two tiny chips. It hasn’t even been a week!!

3. Two days into doing the Atkins diet, and having already lost 2 pounds, I receive a lovely bottle of VnC Cocktails in one of my favorite flavors: Pomegranate Cosmo. Ugh. No booze allowed while doing the first two weeks of Atkins because it is super high in sugar and carbohydrates. I’ve decided to give myself a short cheating reprieve and have a cocktail tonight, though, so at least there’s that.

4. Within the span of 5 minutes today, I had three people cut me off or run stop signs when I had the right of way. All within the parking lot of my local grocery store. Thank God I have lightening quick reflexes and good breaks!

5. My blog traffic has taken a nosedive in the last week, with today being my lowest traffic day in months. I kind of want to cry.


I generally have a positive attitude towards little things that happen to me, but this week? I am just cranky and every little thing is bothering me.

It’s probably due to lack of carbs.

I miss carbs. 

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  1. says

    being carbfree will do that to you.

    You know, I’ve never had my “nails done”. I don’t like the smell of those places and the only decent place to get them done around here (where everyone speaks English too, that’s a huge plus to me.) is about 40min away and very expensive.

    Don’t cry!!! It’s all good!!! :)

  2. says

    Aww….. I’m sorry Jenn. ((HUGS)) This week has been horrible for me too so I know the feeling. At least we can look for a rainbow at the end of the storm though right?? (And nail polish chipping is SO aggravating!)

  3. says

    Gah! It bugs me when my nails chip as well. You should see the horrible state of mine right now.

    I feel you on not being able to drink your fav. alcoholic beverage. I ordered a nice bottle of zinfandel and it arrived the day after I found out I was pregnant.


    You bet I’m going to enjoy that when this baby pops!

    Congrats on the -2 pounds!

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