5 Small Steps to Living a Healthier Life in 2013

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With the dropping of the ball in Times Square on New Year’s Eve, people around the country began making their resolutions for 2013. While many were resolving to join a gym, I didn’t have any resolutions for 2013. Why? Because I got a head start on making changes to live a healthier life in 2013 back in August!

I will be turning 35 this year.

I know, I know…you’re only as young as you feel. That’s all well and good, but Diabetes, high blood pressure and wrinkles don’t follow that line of thinking. Each year that passes leads me closer and closer to the ages when members of my family developed life-changing illnesses and as I creep towards the big 4-0, I found myself following a little too closely in their footsteps.

There were 5 steps I needed to take to begin living a healthier life in 2013 and smoking was the biggest – and hardest thing to change. My other four steps were much smaller and much easier to accomplish!

Step 1 – I quit smoking in August. Cold turkey, no gum, no lozenge, no patch…I just QUIT. And while I had a few slip ups, I haven’t started back and I have no intention of doing so.

Once I quit smoking, I realized that there were more things I needed to change to make living a healthier lifestyle easier for the new year.

Step 2Stop eating so much sugar! I used to have a strong addiction to sugar and carbs. I began working with a doctor on a strict diet plan, and I am at the point now where I am eating much healthier and have lost over 20 pounds. I still have about 15 pounds to lose in 2013, and if I continue eating as I am now, it shouldn’t be an issue. I eat much more healthy foods now, and the only snack foods allowed on my diet are fruit and rice cakes, so Quaker Popped Rice Snacks are always in my cabinets!

Step 3 – Get 20 minutes of exercise a day. This is so easy to do because it’s only 20 minutes – that’s just one dog-walk around the block, a few jumping jacks or lunges a day. If you set a small goal, it’s so much easier to accomplish!

Step 4 – Take better care of my skin. Now that I’ve lost weight, I realize how many wrinkles I have…and I don’t want to get any new ones so I am now using moisturizer every night before bed and paying better attention to what facial products I use.

Step 5 – Laugh more.  Of course I have to include this. This is the easiest thing a person can do to be happier and healthier. Laughter is free. Humor is everywhere around you, just open your eyes and appreciate it. I swear it will add years to your life!

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