5 Reasons Why Puppies Are Easier Than Kids

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It seems that everyone in my circle of friends and family is either pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or has just had a baby. Now, while I do love children as much as the next person, and think that babies are adorable…that doesn’t mean that I want another baby.

Now, some find it strange that I don’t have an overwhelming maternal urge to procreate, to have something soft and sweet to snuggle…well, actually I kind of do. Have you ever seen my house? My backyard?

Instead of having babies, I get puppies. And kittens. Pets are just as loving as children but they are much, much less work!

5 Reasons Why a Puppy Is Easier Than Having a Baby:

1. Puppies costs a lot less than having a baby in a hospital. $20,000 for childbirth or $350 for a purebred Sheltie…see?

2. Puppies are quicker AND easier to potty train than babies. Sheltie pup,Toby, was housebroken in 2 weeks, when he was 5 months old. I’d like to see a baby get potty trained by the time he’s 5 months old…

3. Dogs can be crated when they’re misbehaving. And no one calls the police or child protective services.

4. Dogs and cats don’t go to college. They also don’t require private school if you live in a bad neighborhood. Or braces.

5. Dogs never tell you that they hate you and wish they were adopted.



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  1. says

    I have one child, now that she’s a senior in high school, the question of: “When are you going to have another?” have FINALLY stopped! I love babies, as long as I can give them back to their mother. I love MY baby, and there are times I wish I could reverse the clock. But you’ve got a great point!

  2. says

    My youngest son is 7 and the thought of starting over with a newborn is scary. That doesn’t stop me from wanting just one more though. :) I feel you on the whole animals are easier thing. I currently have 4 indoor cats, a dog, a fish and would have more dogs, chickens and goats if I had a place for them!

  3. says

    You make some valid points, but my wife and I both agree our two boys have been far easier than the puppy we raised. We’re dogless at the moment (our “puppy” died a couple years ago, at age 14). We both have the urge to adopt again…. but this time an adult dog, not a puppy.

  4. says

    We are done with 2 kids and we always get the “when are you going to have another one? question. We got a puppy last year and although it was challenging, it the long run it will be easier than raising the kids!

  5. says

    Love this article lol I feel like running for the hills every time a new person announces they are pregnant. While I am completely thrilled for them – if I got preggo again I’d sit down and cry. Then again…I don’t want a puppy either! LOL

  6. says

    In all fairness my bulldogs were $2000 each but still, they should be cheaper. My bulldogs are always at the vet though so I shudder to think what I’ve spent in vet bills.

  7. says

    So true! You know what annoys me though…when my friends who don’t have kids say having an animal is just like having a kid! I was like sure…you’ve never had to walk though Wal-Mart w/ your kid screaming bloody murder while old people give you nasty looks, and you simple smile as pleasantly as you can and say, “Kids! Aren’t they just precious as can be?”

  8. says

    I gave DH a choice between a puppy and a baby. No we wouldn’t trade in our son, but now that potty training and the terrible twos have hit, there’s days we both wish for a puppy!

  9. Kit says

    I love my kids AND my pets but I gotta say – my kids grew up, and the dog?
    He needs to be walked twice a day every day for his entire life. He will never be able to ‘walk himself’ (aka, go potty without help). He will *never* be able to feed himself (or cook me breakfast in bed, lol!) and he will never grow up , leave home, and have a happy independent life.
    Cats are slightly less troublesome, but again – they’re permanently dependent on you.
    Now that the last kiddo is almost grown?
    I’ve loved every minute of parenting & pet ownership too but I am NOT taking on any more creatures that will *never* leave home lol!

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