5 Great Restaurants You Should Try When Visiting New York City

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When you choose to travel to any place, you want the full package: the sights, sounds, activities, but most of all, the tastes. Food forms a major if not the central theme that defines how and what your whole journey experience is all about. That’s why it’s so important to find a good place to dine when visiting New York City.

In this post, we’re going to share some exciting spots you can visit for mouth-watering delicacies. Read on to learn more!


1. Uncle Boons

If you fancy a bit of Thai flavored awesomeness, then at Uncle Boons you’ll definitely be more than just at home. Located at 7th Spring Street, New York, this is one beautiful place to get that exotic experience in a Thai themed space. All at the most amazingly affordable prices.

From their signature coconut ice cream for dessert to the appetizing whole chicken leg curry in shrimp paste for the main course, this place is simply a heaven for your taste buds. If you also love hot spicy variants, you’ll find it here. Make sure you have a handkerchief in hand, just in case things get too spicy.

2. Spicy Village

Speaking of spicy and intensely mouthwatering goodness, there’s this nice Chinese themed restaurant laden with all these called the Spicy Village. From delicious pork pancakes to special chicken dishes, you’ll find it all in this little Chinese fortress. Check them out on 68th Forsythe Street in New York, you won’t be disappointed.

Their price range also adds to the whole magic of the experience. With as little as ten bucks, you can get your pretty noodles specially hand pulled for that flair. Their trademark big tray spicy chicken should also get your appetite rolling.

3. Le Coucou

This is a French-themed haven of all your familiar and not yet experienced cuisine. You can find this lovely place in 138 Lafayette Street where all the magic of the internationally acclaimed Daniel Rose happens. So, that’s pretty much assurance that you can expect nothing but the best here.

If you crave the traditional Lamb chops laid with the masterful French feel of perfection, then you are all sorted here. Their menu has familiar high gourmet styled dishes all geared to make your visit here a special one. So, this is definitely a spot you should ask your Manhattan bus tours & sightseeing company to stop by during your tour.

4. Camperdown Elm

This 441 Seventh Avenue restaurant located in Brooklyn is a place filled with all the joy of it’s themed artful American food. It’s menu consists of worldwide inspirations that are blended together to make new and yet familiar emotional experiences masked as top cuisine. In short, a global journey for your taste buds under one roof.

From their avocado puree with yellow miso to their Doshi stock, which is laid down on tender cuttlefish, you’re will embark on a journey of senses here. Just open up your mind to the range of pleasantries that are set down for you.

5. Old Rose

It’s really impossible to get into culinary insights without mentioning an Italian restaurant. Old Rose is just one of those places that offer beautiful Italian food and an equally appealing service. Not that it matters too much but sometimes how your food is brought makes quite an impact on whether you’ll enjoy it.

Just pop in at 113 Jane Street for that exotic pizza or a casual Italian fried squid if you want to get a bit fancy with it. This place has it all.

So, when you are in New York City, you should expect nothing less. From exotic dishes to unique culinary mouth bites, we’ve gathered a list of some of the great places you should visit while in New York. These are some of the ones that really stood out, for obviously all the delicious reasons.

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