5 Fashion Statements That Fall Flat With Men

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Do you dress for men or do you dress for women? It’s sort of the age old fashion question. I personally would rather be pretty to my husband than awesomely trendy to any woman, but not all women agree with me there. I write about fashion from time to time on my site Penelope’s Oasis and have always found it fascinating how much women want to be attractive to men, yet the fashion world seems set on turning them off totally.

Men Hate It When You Wear:

1. Jump Suits – otherwise know as “J.Lo’s” after taking off when Jennifer Lopez made them popular, these are the matching hoodies and sweat pants that come in cotton, velour, terry, etc and in every color under the sun being sported by women of all ages. If you wore a soft fabric in pink, that was feminine, right? Wrong. Men everywhere vocally voiced their objections to this style, with one friend of mine admitting her husband begged her to wear something, anything else.

2. Long and loose dresses and skirts – these have manifested themselves over the years as granny dresses, maxi dresses, and more, and women love how comfortable and forgiving they are, but well, men hate them (no surprise there…granny dresses? not even a sexy name). I know that seeing the likes of Eva Mendes and Jessica Alba sporting them would seem to indicate they are good choices (and they are if you want to impress other women) but men hate these (“too much fabric”).

3. Nude lips – very 60’s and sexy to most women, especially when combined with dramatic eye makeup, men call this look the “dead look”. They think the colorless lips evokes a corpse, and don’t understand why lipstick is even made in “skin color”. The woman may be beautiful anyway, but the look just isn’t a hit with men.

4. Unisex clothing – Sure, it’s sexy if the woman he loves puts on his white shirt to go make herself a coffee, but otherwise,  men don’t like masculine clothing on women. Shapeless, boxy, masculine, nothing about it that would appeal to a man. If you have to wear pin stripes, tailored pants, cargo pants, at least make sure the shape is feminine and flattering so no one mistakes you for a man when you wear them.

5. Birkenstocks, Uggs, clogs and other utilitarian, practical shoes. Clunky, heavy, and ugly, men loathe them and can’t fathom why women own them. Uggs have become particularly popular in the last 15 years, which is funny to those who know that they originated in Australia and New Zealand among the male population who worked in the cold and nicknamed them Uggs because they were considered so ugly.

What do you think? What trends do you love that your guy hates, and what do you think of the styles above?

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  1. says

    A jump suit is all one piece, just so ya know. What you’re talking about is called a sweat suit or track suit.

    I hate, hate maxi dresses and skirts. I own one, because it was a gift and it is pretty (I’ll give it that), but never wear it. In the summer, I want to run around with bare legs!

    The crazy thing is, my fiance would much rather I have nude lips than lipstick, because it “gets all over [his] face.” Whatever, dude! So I compromised and got a lip stain. It doesn’t come off on him, and is fun for me. I honestly don’t think guys care about makeup. I’ve never known a guy who said, “Wow, your lips are bare. Eew.” That’s more of a girl thing.

    Again with the crazy, but nothing turns my guy on more than when I wear his tee shirts. He already knows what’s underneath that tee, so I think it’s more exciting to him because he gets to use his imagination. That, and Spawn is plastered across my boobs.

    Mike used to make fun of me for my Target Uggs knockoffs and now my Skechers, but they keep me warm, so I think he’s learned that if I have them, I’m less whiny. He does suggest sneakers instead of them all the time, though. I know he doesn’t like them, but I could care less.

    That’s pretty much how I look at fashion. I don’t care what other people think — my guy or my girls. I dress to impress myself for the most part; there are definitely those days when I want to ramp things up for his sake or wonder whether everyone is wearing jeans out to the movies.

  2. says

    Ha, I don’t care what guys think. I don’t wear jump suits or anything, but I refuse to give up my UGG’s, boyfriend jeans, or maxi skirts. :)

    I have gotten more attention/compliments from my male friends and even strange guys when I wear maxi skirts so I think it just depends on the guy. (And no, these guys weren’t homeschooled!) I can pull off Maxi skirts though since I’m tall.

    So yeah, I pretty much wear what I want. I honestly could care less if guys don’t like my t-shirts and jeans. I’m not dressing for their viewing pleasure. I’m single so I do what I like. :) I don’t have a boyfriend and if I do get one in the next few years he better not try to change me or guess what? He’ll be kicked to the curb. 😀

    I totally understand if you are dressing for your husband/boyfriend though. My dad loves it when she wears green so she wears that alot. Hec, if I find someone and he hates my UGG’s I might just be a sweetheart and not wear them around him. Maybe. 😉

    Yeah, this was kind of long. Man, I sound feisty. I promise you I’m actually a sweet person when I want to be. :)

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