4 Reasons Why I Suck as a Photographer

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I just recently purchased my first – as I call it – fancy pants camera.

Not a disposable. Not a manual film camera, not even just a point and shoot.

I bought the real deal.


Which, by the way, I am still using in automatic setting because I haven’t read the manual yet.

Which brings me to the title of today’s post.

I kind of suck as a photographer.

4 Reasons Why I Suck as a Photographer

1. Half the time I want to take a photo, I reach for my iPhone 4s. 

I am so used to taking photos with my Iphone, that it’s the first thing I reach for. Once I have it in hand, take the photo and the moment has passed, I remember the $600 DSLR hanging around my neck.

2. I often forget to put the memory card into my DSLR. 

You know what iPhones don’t use? Memory cards. Which means that you can never forget to take the memory card out of your laptop before heading to a museum with a heavy camera around your neck and a zoom lens in your purse.

Yeah, I’ve done it. More than once. I arrive at my destination and when I bring that heavy camera out to take a photo, I see that NO CARD message blaring at my in big red letters…DOH!

3. DSLR cameras have very complicated instruction manuals.

I’m not stupid, I promise. But taking photos was so easy with my iPhone. Open up the camera. Take photo.

My DSLR has more settings and modes than I know what to do with. I guess I need to take a day and figure out how it actually works, right? Even so, it takes amazing photos – even on the automatic setting!

4. I forget my DSLR battery. In the charger. AT HOME.

You may notice a theme…I tend to forget that my new camera has removable parts that need to be put back into the camera when I want to use it.

I’m learning!

Did you have any issues transitioning from iPhoneographer to actually using a real camera?


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  1. Dana says

    Look on Amazon and see if there are any books written about your camera model. I have found several about mine. They will oftentimes be easier to understand than the manual, but read the reviews first.

    I feel ya. I went from a Samsung digicam and my camera phone to a Canon 7D. I will grow into it, but I’m getting the growing *pains* right now.

  2. says

    I spent most of my first year as a blogger taking all of my pictures with my iPhone! It was a huge transition to use a real camera because suddenly taking pictures took SO much more time. You will get there, though. :) And I love the photo of your dog!

  3. says

    Oh i’ve definitely forgotten the memory card at home in the computer more than once!!! It’s the most annoying thing EVER! To solve my problem I bought another memory card and always keep it in my purse. I’m sure if I ever have to use it my “problem solved” idea will only work that one time cause then I’ll probably forget my back up in the computer once I get home, lol.

  4. says

    A photographer I am not. I’ll stick with my iPhone for now, but I would love to take some photography classes, then maybe I’d invest in a DSLR.

  5. says

    I usually reach for my iPhone camera versus the DSLR too. It’s always with me and sometimes my kids or animals just won’t stay still long enough for me to go grab it.

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