30 Days of Rock N Roll – Day 2

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It’s day 2 of my 30 days of Rock N Roll countdown. Today is “your least favorite song” day…
Let’s face it, I could just say it’s the Barney song. Who doesn’t hate the Barney song? We all do. If you don’t know who Barney is, well, screw you. You obviously didn’t have small children in the 90’s to early 2000’s and I hate you.

So, I had to think long and hard about this selection. I mean, HATE is a pretty strong word. I respect all genres of music. I just don’t enjoy listening to most of them…this post is called 30 Days of Rock N Roll for a reason: I pretty much ONLY listen to Rock.

I hate Miley Cyrus. I am sure she’s a perfectly nice young girl. Whatever. I am sick and tired of Disney shoving these pseudo artists in my daughter’s face, telling them that the girls/guys can sing, that they are cool and that my child should look up to them. I have this issue with media as a whole but Disney especially pisses me off, because the kids they put up on that pedestal are usually HORRIBLE ROLE MODELS and as a whole aren’t very talented. Do any of them write their own music?! THAT makes an artist. These kids are told what to sing, told what to wear, told how to act, etc. They aren’t artists.

Miley Cryus is a product of the Disney Machine. Come on, now. She’s just a replica of Brittney Spears, Lindsey Lohan and Hilary Duff.

So I HATE this song.



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  1. Robb says

    The song I hate the most with a passion is Gwen Stefani’s “Holla Back Girl”…..after hearing that song I can’t listen to anything she has ever recorded be it with or without “No Doubt”

    Yes one song ruined roughly 10 years of good music for me….

    I remember the day…it was in December 2003, maybe 2004. I don’t remember which year, I was in Iraq, after the battle of Fallujah, so whenever that was. I ordered the CD from Amazon and had received it in my last mail call. So excited I was, so full of anticipation to hear something new from Gwen. I loved No Doubt (and really wanted to do bad things with Ms. Stefani) so I couldn’t wait to hear what she would do for a solo act. I unwrapped it, taking in the new CD smell. Sometimes I miss that smell. I put it into my computer, we finally had power up and running I was able to listen and watch DVD’s, and started listening. I listened, waiting for something good to come through my Sony earbuds. And waited, and waited and waited…then Hollaback girl came on. I took the earbuds out.

    The Sergeant that was at the CP with me looked at me. “Whats wrong Staff Sergeant? You look sick.?” Yes, he was correct, I was. I told him to put the earbuds in and listen. I played hollaback girl for him. “What the hell is that crap?” he asked.
    “The lead singer of “No Doubt” I replied…still shaken.
    After staring in disbelief at the headphones he suggested “maybe we could use that during interrogations?”
    “No…no one deserves to have to listen to that.” I replied, ejecting the CD and promptly emailing my sister on how horrible it was.

    Now every time I hear anything from No Doubt I cant help but think of “Hollaback Girl” and cringe.

    I can listen to Avril, I can listen to Britney, I can listen to the Go Team, Mandy Moore, Michelle Branch, even Taylor fucking Swift. I enjoy listening to them. They are what they are, I accept them as that and enjoy them. But Gwen was so much more, so much more….and now she is gone…forever.

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